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Hi, I’m Pastor Burt and this is my weblog. It’s a place for me to work through thoughts, feelings, ideas, viewpoints and more. It’s like my online journal where I can reflect and think out-loud (or at least in print!) My door, however, is alway open. So feel free to pour yourself a cup of coffee or grab something from []St. Arbucks[/url] and interact. I’m glad to have the company. [b]Please consider signing my [url=]Registry[/url] while you are here. If you’d like to know more about who I am and a bit of my life story, click on []"About."[/url][/b] May we both find strength and encouragement through the time spent together. God bless!

2 thoughts on “Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Anon

    Prayer and what it is:

    My problems is that God know what was, is and will be. Seem a bit of hubris to try to tell him something he might not know in a prayer.
    That goes for me saying something that will induce him to change his mind about something like someone living or dying.
    Also, asking for most anything. He will supply what I need and knows much better than I what that is and when it is needed. I am left with all my prayer should be is thanks and praise. I am comfortable with that but in church the pastor (pick any one they are all the same) prays for all sorts of things to happen or not happen as the case may be.
    This seems like saying you believe in got but not really getting it.
    Thoughts for a christian that just prays “thank you Lord for being my everything”.

  2. Burt

    Hi Foss.

    Thanks for stopping by this site.

    For what it’s worth, I tend to think about prayer a little differently than what you describe here. Prayer is not a means by which we convince God to do something He hasn’t planned on, as if somehow the quality or particular substance of prayer provides some kind of mystical means of manipulating God to fit our whims. Far from it! Rather, I believe that God simply has chosen to call us into cooperating with His heart and plan through the activity of prayer. Ultimately, He has designed us to be in relationship with Him and out of that intended purpose, He desires that we join our heart to His through prayer.

    Additionally, there is no question that the scripture is repleat with admonitions to pray. We are told in the Bible how to pray, to always pray, to never give up praying, to pray on all occasions with all kinds of prayers, to pray continually, and that our prayers are effective and produce wonderful results. God has chosen to work through our prayers!

    Your decision that prayer should only be “praise” and “thanks” is interesting, but in my view does not reflect the teachings of the “whole” of scripture and certainly doesn’t reflect the model of prayer that Jesus provides for us in His Sermon on the Mount. You will also notice in John 17, that the prayer Jesus offers up in the garden before going to cross has much more in it than simply “thanks” and “praise.” If it was appropriate for Christ to include more…it would seem likely that it is for us as well.

    But don’t just take my word for it! I would encourage you to revisit the scripture and then pray about it! 😉

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