"Walk In Love" – New Music MP3!


Here’s a demo version of the song that I wrote this week. It’s just a quick take on guitar and vocals with a little percussion thrown in.

Click [url=www.redeemingpassion.org/PastorBurt/WalkInLove.mp3]HERE[/url] to listen.

I recorded it with my acoustic guitar, condensor mic and my multi-track recorder with built in effects unit.

Here are the final lyrics:

Verse 1:
This is the time for us to come together
To build each other up until we finally stand as one.
With one heart, one voice, one bond of love in the Spirit
Let’s lift our praises to the Son,
Let’s lift our praises to the Son.

Verse 2:
We are called to infiltrate the darkness
With the love of Jesus lighting our way.
So we lay down all of our walls and defenses
And open our hearts to the new day,
And open our hearts to the new day.

You are my God
And I will walk in your love…

Every brother I meet is important to Christ
I will treat him with respect no matter the price
Every sister is treasured by the Lord above
I will cherish her too and walk in love[/b]

6 thoughts on “"Walk In Love" – New Music MP3!

  1. Mike M

    Cool beans dude! 😛 Did you make that with Audacity? I could hear Petra singing that if it had a harder beat and more distortion guitar. The verses overlaid with the chorus towards the end was a nice touch as well. The lyrics sound “sundayschoolish” to me though. Perhaps if you said lees in the verses it wouldn’t sound rushed. 😕

  2. tuffy

    i was having trouble with the audio… may just be on my end… not sure. it downloaded, but it wouldn’t play through.

    what i heard of it sounded good though.

    have a nice day


  3. Burt

    Thanks for the feedback Mike. I used audacity to make the ID tags. My Zoom 802B-CD Multi-track is what I used to make the demo. I then imported it into iTunes to make the mp3 conversion from the wave file. I just put it together quick to have a demo…didn’t have time to put together a drum track or play with other style variations. Sunday-schoolish???

    Tuf, sorry it didn’t play. It’s just a simple mp3, so any mp3 player should handle it just fine. Thanks for trying!

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