Prophecy Series – Lesson 14: Prophetic Outreach


[size=large]Prophetic Outreach[/size]

1. Ultimately, all spiritual gifts and ministries are about reaching out to others with the Kingdom of God. Mark 16:14-20

A. The Kingdom is meant to be shared. Matt. 10:7-8

B. You and I and every believer is meant to have a supernatural ministry defined by Christ-like character and empowered with Holy Ghost manifestations that point others to the Father. Gal. 5:22-23

C. Specifically, prophetic ministry can have the impact of bringing real, honest conviction to an unbeliever. 1 Cor. 14:24

2. It is time for the church to look beyond itself to the people who are lost.

A. If we will learn to develop a heart for the lost, we will be motivated by love and desire to prophesy. 1 Cor. 14:1

B. The Bible is full of examples of the Lord using supernatural prophetic ministry to reach out to the lost.

– Joseph and Pharaoh. Gen. 41:15-36
– Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel 2:26-49
– Peter and Cornelius. Acts. 10:9-48
– Philip and the Ethiopian. Act 8:26-38

C. Jesus utilized prophetic ministry as one way to gain the attention of doubters, unbelievers and the uniformed and break through the walls that guard their hearts and minds.

– In Nazareth. Luke 4:14-21
– When calling Peter. John 1:42
– When calling Nathanael. John 1:45-51
– When meeting the woman at the well. John 4:1 3.
It's time to really believe that God wants to work through us to reach the lost.

QUESTIONS: A. Are we waiting for God to drop prophetic ministry into our laps before we can trust that He might want to use us this way? Why?

B. Are we eager to prophesy? Are we zealously pursing this spiritual gift? What is standing in the way?

C. What might prophetic ministry to the lost look like?

One thought on “Prophecy Series – Lesson 14: Prophetic Outreach

  1. Galen

    Good topic. The apostle Paul wrote that we should earnestly desire spiritual gifts – especially that we would prophesy.

    In answer to your question above about God dropping this in our lap.
    We have to ask for it. And I don’t believe it should be casual either.
    We should “earnestly” ask for it.

    I have been praying with two brothers
    for many years and that prayer is one of our cries. We also pray for the gifts of healing, faith etc to be released amongst His people in our area.
    The best example of prophetic outreach ministry is being done and taught by Patricia King. I am glad you have a link to her site on the right here. She has many excellent online videos that are free to watch that teach on this subject.

    love to all,

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