PODCAST: Redeeming The Time – A Halloween Sermon


[url=http://www.redeemingpassion.org/PastorBurt/RedeemingTheTime102206two.mp3]Click Here To Listen[/url]
This sermon was recorded on October 22, 2006. This transfer from tape to digital was a little problematic and there is a bit of tape “hiss” coming through. Yet, I think the message is still easily discernable.

Please note that this message is 57 minutes long.

The outline for this sermon has already been published. Click [url=http://pastorburt.lifewithchrist.org/permalink/27417.html]HERE[/url] to go to that post.

If anyone wants to subscribe to the podcasts that I am offering (using iTunes or other podcast software), the feed url is http://feeds.feedburner.com/pastorburtpodcasts OR click on the Podcast Feed link in the left column of this page.

Dial-up connections may experience delays (this file is around 50 MB).

Special thanks to Troy and Andrea for allowing me to store the master file on their site.

One thought on “PODCAST: Redeeming The Time – A Halloween Sermon

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