SERMON OUTLINE: We Are His Reflection, Part 9 – "Right Living"


Here is my sermon outline for Sunday, November 5, 2006.

4 thoughts on “SERMON OUTLINE: We Are His Reflection, Part 9 – "Right Living"

  1. Mike M

    “- This does not mean that we should not make decisions regarding conduct and behavior, but rather that we must not set others as the targets of negative talk.
    – God is instructing us to root out in ourselves every harsh, unkind, and critical motive that works to continually find fault with others.
    – Our role isn’t to bring judgment to others, but to live right, to offer prayer and to live as a light.”

    Those 3 points are key and you put them very well. My dad never said unkind things about anyone. I said the following at his funeral:

    “The greatest thing that impressed me the most about my dad was his speech. I defy anyone to recall an instant when my dad defamed, insulted, ridiculed, or gossiped about anyone. It wasn’t in my dad’s heart to think of himself better than anyone that he would have the right to put them down. He gave everyone respect and showed it with his speech.”

    PB, the best way to teach this sermon is with your feet. Your example is what your sheep are going to learn from. May God give us the power to live this sermon as my dad did.

    Have a God day!
    Mike M

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