Untitled Novel, Part 2


He thought he could feel the sunlight on his face before he ever awoke.
“George…” Marta’s voice was soothing and gentle.
He struggled to open his eyes. How could the light be so bright already? He managed to peek through two tiny slits, and the light began to take on color. He rubbed them slowly with his hands, trying to wipe away the sleep and tried again. Color formed shape as he sat up in bed.
Marta poked her head in the bedroom. “Hey, sleepy! You gonna’ stay in bed all day?”
“What if I do?”
“Come on Mr. MacIntire, the day’s awaitin’. I’ve got the coffee on and breakfast is almost ready. You’ve got five minutes to get downstairs!” She walked back toward the kitchen as she spoke. The playful sound in her voice made him smile in spite of himself.

4 thoughts on “Untitled Novel, Part 2

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