Keaggy in Action


It’s amazing what one man and a guitar can do.

Plus a JamMan phrase looper.


Pretty cool.

8 thoughts on “Keaggy in Action

  1. d

    Very cool find Burt !!! I’ll have you know, thanks to this clip I was driving all around yesterday with my Keaggy CDs I had to dig out 😉 Sundays’ Child is still on of the greatest albums ever made !!!!! Right up there with 10 songs by Adam Again !

  2. Cornelius

    Some people are just way too talented. How amazing that God has put people like this in our lives. Awesome!! Imagine what it’s going to be like when we get to heaven. Oh my, what a party jam session that is going to be. I can hardly wait!! 🙂

  3. tuffy

    keaggy is up on my top list of people that i’d like to see in concert for a second time… now that i’ve played enough guitar to be amazed. 🙂

    much love,


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