Big Announcement: We’re hosting Phil Keaggy


It’s true.

We’re hosting Phil Keaggy at our church.


Who’s Phil Keaggy?  Only one of the top guitar players in the world.  He’s a multiple Grammy award nominee in addition to being a multiple winner of the Christian music Dove Award.  Plus, he’s one, all-around nice guy.

Last May, I discovered that Phil was going to be in another part of Ohio in October.  So…I’d thought I’d inquire and find out if he’d be willing to come to our little neck of the woods while he wasn’t too far away.

I was sent a contract and we were able to negotiate terms. 

Last night, our church board approved the event.

Here’s the lowdown:


Phil Keaggy in concert at our church.  Sunday, October 14, 7:30PM.  Golden Circle Tickets: $25.00;  General Admission: $15.00.

Before the week is out, I hope to have our new church website up and running (  It will hopefully soon provide more info as well as a way to purchace tickets online. 

For a glimpse into a typical Phil Keaggy concert, visit this earlier post.

Okay…I’m am so totally excited about this. 

44 thoughts on “Big Announcement: We’re hosting Phil Keaggy

  1. g

    Well, let me be the first to say, this is “pretty dang esciting”

    (a quote from Nacho Libre)

    I can’t wait to tell Dave.

    Mr. Keaggy is pretty much his all time favorite guitarist.

    Very exciting stuff, and great to hear he’s a nice guy too!

    Guess we’ll be pricing tickets to Ohio in October.

  2. Claire

    cool. that is a great event to have.

    my hubby would be impressed, he has a few of his cds, but i confess i havent heard any of his stuff….

    good on ya pb! excited for you!

  3. In His Glorious Name Ministries

    Congratulations Pastor Burt,

    That’s awesome! I would be excited too.

    So hey does the door fee come with round trip air fare from California to your neck of the woods?


  4. jeff

    Cool! I’ve heard of him but have never heard any of his work until someone gave my son a CD for graduation. I’m hooked.

    So, Raleigh to your neck of the woods… maybe 10hrs or so, ya think?

  5. Burt

    g: Of course you and “d” would be more than welcome…but I’m sure that Phil will also play places closer to you!

    Claire: Most of what I have by Phil is older material (still great and timeless, though!). I need to pick up some of his newer stuff.

    tuffy: I’d be glad to have you…but I don’t want to have you skipping out on your seminary classes!

    Eugene: If you want the ticket that comes with round trip airfare, there will be a slight surcharge. Let me know! [img][/img]

    Jeff: I’m planning a vacation to Emerald Isle, NC, in September. That trip takes around 10 hours. So Raleigh would be slightly less time!

  6. tuffy

    nah, no problem. the the class part of the classes will be over by then. i’d just be writing papers and such. 🙂

  7. Mike M

    Oh yeah? Well we have Jesus at our church every week! Top that! [img][/img]

  8. Sweet Mummy

    WOW! That’s cool news PB! You must be “Big Time” to swing this kind of event!! [img][/img] I’d love to see Phil live in concert, but it’s a bit of a drive from here to your church. That and I’m having surgery 3 days before the event.

  9. Sweet Mummy

    I mostly meant that we (as in “our little church”) don’t have the resources (people or money or facility) to do something on this scale. I think it’s awesome!

  10. Kenny

    In my dreams I’m packing Eileen and the kids into an enormous fifth wheel and shuttling out to spend some time with Burt and see Phil.

  11. Mike M

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Phil Keaggy, but if someone is not familiar with him with him… that picture could have a creepy first impression of him. I mean, am I right? That is a bizarre photo of him.

  12. Burt


    It was used on the cover of a recent album, [url=]”Dream Again.”[/url]

  13. tuffy

    awesome! we’ll work out details later, but i’m flying into indy that morning, and then i’ll drive in from there. excited for the show, and excited to meet you. 🙂

  14. Rick Sale

    I’m going to attend the Medina Oh. performance (which is sold out) and I am seriously thinking about attending the Cambridge performance as well. Mr. Keaggy, by God’s wonderful grace, has produced a crop many times over that which was sown — pray that the Lord will move at HCF on the night of October 14, so that all who enter in (including Phil) will be blessed.

    When faith goes to the market, it always takes a basket.

  15. R.Sale (Again)

    By the way, Phil’s release Beyond Nature has just received the third place award for the best acoustic album of all time!! If anyone decides to go on Oct 14 to Harvest Christian Fellowship, be prepared to see a musician of incredible capabilities — Enjoy!!

  16. Burt


    Thanks for the sales pitch. As of today, we still have lots of tickets left. Despite print ads, radio ads, and mail-outs to every church in three counties, we’ve sold less than 100 tickets so far. That’s keeping things exciting for me, with only 9 days left ’til the concert!

    So buy your tickets people! There’s no bad seat in our church, and this will definitely be one great night.

    BTW: my copy of “Beyond Nature” just arrived in the mail yesterday.

  17. Rick Sale

    When Phil Keaggy toured with Twila Paris some years back (venue Akron Civic Theater)– she said touring with Phil has been a great time,then she said “and the entertaiment is free” — apparently, Phil is a very funny man (as in Ha Ha).

    God Bless — everyone. N. Royalton

  18. Jeremy

    Hey Pastor Burt… I’ll be coming. Your only in Cambridge? What’s the new Church website or can you give me directions from Akron area?

  19. Burt

    Hi Jeremy!

    We still have lots of General Admission tickets – $15.00.

    The website is:

    Would love to have you!

  20. R. Sale

    Hi Pastor Burt —
    I recently went to the Nelson Ledges Quarry Park — Glass Harp concert. Amoungst other things that were being sold (CDs–DVDs etc), were some cool T-shirts. I managed to secure a shirt (black in color) that has a harp (stylized $ small in size)on the upper left side of the shirt – and underneath has printed “Glass Harp Live At Carnegie Hall”. Every once in a while, I am trying to decide who I would like to give the shirt to — well, if you would like the shirt, I’d be more than happy to give it to you. I’ve never met you, so I don’t know what size shirt you require. The only size that was available was X-LG — it’s a 50/50 cotton//polyester mix — might shrink a hair. Anyway — please let me know. What a smashing shirt to wear on the night of the concert. I’m not sure if I will be there on the 14th, but I will send it to you via snail mail. (No pressure)

  21. Burt

    Rick – Wow…I’ve been very busy this week and missed your comments above…so I was amazed to get the shirt from you on Saturday. What an incredible kindness on your part! Thank you so much!. Seeing your comment now, gives me some context for the shirt coming. Though I didn’t end up wearing it at the concert, I did have dialogue with Phil about the shirt and briefly about those early days with Glass Harp.

    Kenny: That was one of the songs Phil did at last night’s concert. I’ll be posting some pics and details later today.

  22. Clint

    “I’ll be posting some pics and details later today. ”

    I know patience is a virtue and all, but…. [img][/img]

  23. Burt

    Hang on….

    Turns out I’ve had a lot more work to do today first…more than I planned anyway… [img][/img]

  24. Clint

    Yeah, we all know that line about other things being more important than blogging. Really, Burt. I thought more of you than that! [img][/img]

  25. Rick Sale

    Hi Pastor Burt —

    Great T-shirt you were wearing in the picture with Phil — nice choice.
    Glad you were able to chat and get to hear some of his takes on things.

    And thanks pastor, for being a man of God.

    In His Name,

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