Keaggy Radio Spot


I made a radio spot this week for our upcoming Phil Keaggy concert.

The music is Phil.  The edits and voiceover are all me.

It starts airing in our area soon.


But you can listen by CLICKING HERE!

14 thoughts on “Keaggy Radio Spot

  1. d

    Pretty cool PB. I would have thrown in a snipet from Carry On, that song jams at the beginning. It made me smile hearing your voice, if we were only a few thousand miles closer, it would be nice to hang with you again, and meet the Mrs. as well.
    God bless,

  2. Burt

    Would love that Dave! [img][/img]

    Unfortunately, I’m not headed to CA anytime soon. [img][/img]

    Though I’ll be in North Caroline for two weeks, Sept. 15-29th! [img][/img]

  3. g

    I didn’t know you had a radio voice-if I didn’t know it was you, I would not recognize it…

    You should preach a whole sermon in that voice! LOL [img][/img]

  4. In His Glorious Name Ministries

    Pastor Burt,

    That is a awesome radio spot. I love it.

    Have a wonderful time at the gathering and may you, your family and guest’s have a blessed vacation in NC.

    I will miss your posts. Unitl then.

    Blessings, Eugene

  5. Mike M

    Monster Monster Trucks Trucks!!! Rumble Rumble!! See Monster Trucks destroy cop cars this Sunday at the county fair grounds!

    I like the whole “Monster Truck” voice PB! If the pastor thing doesn’t work out in the future for any reason, I think you pretty much have a back up plan with a voice like that! πŸ˜‰

    Have a God day!
    Mike M

  6. Burt

    Mike: I did three semesters as a DJ while in college. Monster trucks were big in the ’80’s.

    Clint: Yeah…I thought about that before posting…but what the heck… (can I say “heck?”)

  7. Mike M

    Me: Hello, is Pastor Burt available?

    Secretary: Let me check, may I tell him who’s calling?

    Me: This is Mike M from Life with Christ.

    Secretary: Ah yes, he told me to tell you if you called to contact our legal representatives and they will discuss with you the details of the restraining order. Good bye now! Click!

    Is that’s what you’re afraid of, PB? Cause I’m doing the baby steps… honestly I am!

    (Above humor taken from the movie, “What About Bob?”)

  8. Kenny

    See Mike M do the ” baby steps ” while “truckzilla ” chases him around the track , This weekend at RACEWAY PARK.
    He’s no slacker!!!!

  9. Replica Watches UK

    This seemed to be a real passion for Phil and we talked for quite a while about how to build authentic relationships with disenfranchised people.

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