Doctor Who Nostalgia


  I’ve long been a  fan of the British television show, "Doctor Who."

   Through the years, I’ve collected and been given multiple episodes, both on VHS and DVD, covering the span of the iconic series first begun in 1963.  Of course, the third season of the newly relaunched series is on my Christmas list.

   Last night, a British charity called "Children In Need" did it’s anual fundraiser program.   As part of that, a seven-minute+ new episode of Doctor Who was broadcast.  The scene is inserted into the final moments of last season’s finale.  It’s great fun, especially for those of us long familar with the program, as it features the current Doctor ( #10 – David Tennant) suddenly encountering a previous Doctor (#5 – Peter Davison, 1980-1983). 

Enjoy the clip below, courtesy of Youtube.  And consider making a donation to Children in Need.

12 thoughts on “Doctor Who Nostalgia

  1. Jeff

    I thought I had read that there will be a break in production for about a year because Tennant has some other commitment. Is there a third season actually available on DVD? I am now current through season 2.

  2. Burt

    The third season (the first was with Chris Eccleston, and the next two with Tennant) is available as of about a week ago. See the link above on “third season.” The fourth season is filming now for a Spring 2008 release. 2009 will feature a hiatus of sorts, with three TV specials instead of a series while Tennant does some theatre work. The plan is then for season five to return in 2010. That’s how it stands right now!

  3. Burt

    The latest incarnation has been very fun to watch…more than gives Tom Baker a run for his money…and that’s coming from someone who owns one of those giant scarfs!

  4. jason77

    wow, thats cool…back about 8-9 years ago I was in a Movie store in the mall type places and they had the ENTIRE[up till then anyway] DR. Who collection on sale…if I had the 400 some odd dollars I would have gotten it…

  5. jason77

    yeah burt..this one one on dvds and the box it came in was a few feet long!…my wife told me after i made this comment that she had located it on amazon once when she bought me some dro who for my birthday

  6. Burt

    Though far from being a “complete” collection, perhaps you are referring to this:

    [url=]The Doctor Who Mega Collection[/url]

  7. jason77

    Nope, that one is cool, but no the one i saw in the store was complete…it was in the Augusta Mall in Augusta, GA for any readers who may live near there and can refresh my memory as to the name of the store in that mall

  8. tkw

    We have been tivoing the new Dr WHo I really like it. Dave has gotten into the torchwood series…it has capt jack in it. They are all good shows. tkw

  9. Burt

    Hi Trina! Happy Thanksgiving!

    For me, I can’t endorse Torchwood in the same way…too much emphasis on sex and language simply for the sake of gratuitous sex and language in my opinion. I find that unfortunate.

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