Prophetic Word For 2008?


The last several years, I’ve proclaimed a "prophetic word" concerning the upcoming year in regards to the local congreation where I serve.

Mostly, it’s been a theme, an idea, a focus that I have believed God wanted to emphasize during that year.

Generally, it’s consisted of a single word.

For example: 
2007 – Reclamation
2006 – Infiltration
2005 – Awakening
2004 – Proclamation
2003 – Devotion
2002 – Breakthrough.

Each year, I ask God to help us embrace these words throughout our local body.  Most of the time, I find that these words come to represent areas of testing, both in my own life and in the church.

19 thoughts on “Prophetic Word For 2008?

  1. Clint

    Interesting. Do you do a “review” at the end of each year to see how these words have applied to that year?

    As to 2008, I don’t know about your entire church body, but for you, personally, Burt, I’m sensing the word, “Blogging.” [img][/img]

    Let me know how that word works out for you, OK?

  2. Burt

    Not so much a review, but a regular emphasis. It’s not about God divinely causing these themes to come about, but rather a continual call for us to find ways of exploring and incorporating these themes into our walk with Him.

    Having said that, looking back at each year and is corresponding “word” does become interesting.

    2002 – A year in which we broke through all kinds of numerical barriers, but resisted pressing through some relational ones.

    2003 – “Devotion” became tested severely by the end of the year into early 2004, with us dealing with numerous internal issues.

    2004 – “Proclamation” – a year in which we were being called to account for the things we said. Did our words represent the heart of God or our own agendas?

    2005 – “Awakening” – this year was marked by greater freedom in worship expression and in taking regular steps to minister beyond the walls of the church.

    2006 – “Infiltration” – A year where we become much more intentional about outreach ministry, both the through the church and in our individual walks.

    2007 – “Reclamation” – A year of recapturing purpose, focus, faith, and direction.

  3. g

    I’m certainly no prophet, but I’ve been “hearing” ‘discipline’ and ‘peace’ lately too.

    And incidentally, I’ve been doing better with discipline which may explain the peace that I’ve been experiencing lately!

    God is awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. sassiekiwi

    Hee hee

    I am thinking along with Clint’s review, did you have a stoning service when things didn’t happen! 😉

    Actually … this is all good stuff PB. Discipline is NOT a popular word though … we would so rather God wave his magic wand …

    I really like the link you have between discipline and Shalom. This is something i will contemplate. It resonates with me.

  5. Reflecting Upon...

    Happy New Year PastorBurt. Good post. 2008 for me personally the Lord has been speaking about pruning, taking off the dead branches…it is underway already. Squeak, squeak.

    Last year was very much restoration, taking off the grave clothes.

  6. Dave

    Hey P.B. Just cuz we’re bieng spiritual….I looked at this, and the first word that came to mind was ‘focus’ then just 4 lines later I see you need ‘focus’…..I’m prayin’ for a leadin’… Be Blessed

  7. Claire

    these quotes really resonate within me too… so i hope you wont be offended if they pop up on my blog one day…..

    i like how you reviewed your years above in teh comments… funny how we can think one word may mean one thing and God outworks it through the year and circumstances and yes we see it come to pass, but in a totally different God way!

  8. Mike M

    Work for peace… That’s an interesting theme. Like Hebrews? Strive to enter into your rest from a works driven life. Or do you mean the exact opposite… Through works of service we will find peace? Cause that smites of what the Jeudizers taught,

    Have a God day!
    Mike M

  9. Burt

    What do I mean?

    Discipline yourself to practice the presence of Jesus.

    Engage the discipline of finding rest in Him alone.

    Cast off the distractions and fix your eyes on Christ.

    Otherwise the Shalom of God will remain elusive.

  10. Mike M

    Oh… feeew! I thought you might have thought “service” meant volunteering as at church building or soup kitchen. Cause that rarely leads to peace! [img][/img]

    Have a God day!
    Mike M

  11. g

    For the record, I got what you meant PB- and btw- you’re pretty dang eloquent in comment #9, that sooooo ressonates with me in this place I find myself! = )

  12. Burt


    Faithful service, to me, means knowing what God is asking of you and giving yourself completely to that. With that in mind, I can imagine that serving others could be a truly great thing, and perhaps an opportunity to bring peace where it’s quite needed.

    In addition, Matt. 5:14-16 comes to mind.

  13. Mike M

    See… why couldn’t you leave it at comment #9? That was perfect! [img][/img]

  14. Burt

    Yeah, I know…I even had to go and include scripture! [img][/img]

  15. shanti

    Discipline. Funny. I’ve been really convicted in the area of discipline too, and so far in some areas of my life it’s working this new year. but in others—whoa!! Worse than I thought.
    Shalom too. Working on that. 🙂

  16. Mike M

    Hee, that reminds me of a product we sold at a Christian book store I worked at in high school. You ready for this?

    Shalom Cologne!
    The stuff smells hideous!!!! I’m mean it’s the kind that gives you a headache in 10 seconds! And get this… on the label it says, “Unisex”!

    People will do anything to make a buck off of Jesus!

    Have a God day!
    Mike M

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