Good To Great, Part Three


This is part three in a discussion of the Good To Great material by Jim Collins.  The earlier pieces can be found here:  Part 1, or Part 2


After writing the original Good To Great, Collins discovered that anywhere from a third to half of his readership were from non-profit sectors (schools, hospitals, charitable foundations, community organizations, churches, etc.) . These groups were finding the material immensely helpful, with a few exceptions and/or questions about how to apply the concepts to their setting, since they worked outside the arena of the traditional business model.  Collins then opted to pusue greater research on the concepts of Good To Great and their specific implications for non-profits.  First thinking he would make his findings available as a new chapter in later editions of the book, Collins instead chose to release the research as a small companion piece called Good to Great and the Social Sectors (Why Business Thinking Is Not the Answer).  Below is a summary of my interacton with this material.

One thought on “Good To Great, Part Three

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