Better Than Drugs


     It’s Wednesday afternoon and I’m sitting in a hair salon while my daughter gets a trim.  Chalk one up for Lenny’s Hair Design for making a couple of laptops with high speed internet available for those who want to use them.  Very cool.

     On the way over, my daughter and I listened to the latest album by Skillet (overall, a very good one I might add!)

     The lyrics to song #4, Better Than Drugs, stood out to me as we drove.

8 thoughts on “Better Than Drugs

  1. clint

    Talk about Skillet and drugs makes me recall a certain Public Service Message:
    “This is your brain. Here is your brain on drugs.” [img][/img]

    I’ll have to check out that song.

    Oh, and way to go, Lenny! Cool Place! [img][/img]

  2. Mike M

    In High School I had a Living Epistles T-shirt similar to that spoof that said:

    This is your brain…
    This is your brain in hell.
    Any questions?

    I couldn’t find a pic on the web anywhere! And believe me, I’m good at finding images on the web!

    Have a God day!
    Mike M

  3. Mike M

    You were able to get Phil Keaggy, what about Skillet? You’d have the biggest youth group in town after that! [img][/img] But it’s not really about the numbers, right?

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