Raised From The Dead – AP News Story


Does God raise the dead?

The AP is reporting a story of a woman with no brain function for over 17 hours.  The family was preparing for organ donation while continuing to pray.

As the nurses were removing various tubes for the donation procedure…the woman woke up. 

She’s fine.


That’s awesome. 


Here’s the video:

22 thoughts on “Raised From The Dead – AP News Story

  1. Mike M

    PB, come on! Did you even watch the video? She was never pronounced dead and was on a respirator the entire time! They never hooked her up to an EKG, the doctor said that she didn’t show any sign of brain activity. And no one in the video ever claimed she was raised from the dead or that she even came back to life! What they did say is that “she awoke”. She came out of a coma, PB. Her heart never stopped. With the help of a machine, her breathing never stopped. Blood and oxygen flowed through her body the entire time! So where do you get off posting this video with the title “Raised from the Dead”? Please tell me you didn’t even watch the clip.

  2. Mike M

    Ok, the video did say her heart stopped for 17 to 20 minuets. Is that what your claiming God did? Cause I’m pretty sure the video said the EMT’s brought her back to life… probably via CPR and a defibrillator.

    Wow! You don’t hear that everyday! Oh wait… we actually do! [img]http://i1.tinypic.com/85djuyp.jpg[/img]

  3. Burt

    My use of the word “dead” comes from the author of the story itself…that’s what AP is calling it. They report that there was no brain activity of any kind for more than 17 hours. They also say rigor mortis was beginning to set in. Air was kept in her system so that the hospital could harvest her organs for other use. Sounds to me like the doctors thought she was dead…I don’t yet think it’s legal in this country to harvest organs from those who are merely comatose. When did the woman suddenly awake? Not while they were trying to “revive” her. They had given up. Rather, she awoke as the nurses were removing the life support and preparing to take her organs. If this were something that happened everyday, why are the doctors so baffled by the experience?

  4. Mike M

    The doctors didn’t appear “baffled” to me. And it’s the son who said she got stiff, not a medical expert. Look at the name on the screen when you hear that bit of info.

    Here’s the summery from the way I understand it:

    – lady’s heart stops and the family calls for help
    – 17 to 20 min later that help gets her heart going again.
    – She’s taken to the hospital where her heart stops again, but the docs get it going again.
    – She’s kept on a respirator and it given a 10% chance of pulling out of it.
    – 17 hours later she does pull out of it. She was one of 10 people that normally pull out of something like this. That means means that normally 9 people will not pull out of something like this and will die. But every 10th person will somehow pull out of it and make it.

    That’s not the same as God raising someone from the dead PB.

  5. Burt

    Additional news story links can be found here:


    [url=http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,357463,00.html]Fox News[/url]

    [url=http://www.wchstv.com/newsroom/eyewitness/0805/080521_41d512f9.shtml]WCHS, ABC 8 in West Virginia[/url]

    These reports indicate:
    1) The woman had three heart attacks
    2) No brain activity for more than 17 hours
    3) After a procedure to cool down her body and then rewarm it, her heart stopped for a final time. That’s right…no on-going pulse.
    4) The family agreed to stop life-support, and all such measures were removed, except the ventilator.
    5) After all hope was gone…no brain function and no heart beat, and with the family having said their goodbyes …the woman awoke suddenly.
    6) The family credits the Lord Jesus as miraculously answering their prayers.
    7) The doctors say they are baffled by the woman’s recovery.
    8) There are no blockages in the woman and NO DAMAGE from the three heart attacks. There is still a slight electric problem with the heart and the woman has been sent to the Cleveland Clinic for review. She is otherwise fine!

    It would seem as far as the news media, the doctors and her family are concerned, she is back from the dead.

    I’m sorry that isn’t good enough for you, Mike.

  6. jason

    Pastor Burt: Praise God…but you must understand that some will try to disprove miracles even when Ap, news, doctors, etc call it a miracle. No need to waste time debating them on it.

  7. Mike M

    “7) The doctors say they are baffled by the woman’s recovery.”

    The doctors are calling it a recovery, not someone being raised from the dead.

    Again, when was she ever pronounced dead, PB? And the doctors say this happens regularly one out of 10 times.

  8. Burt

    Hi Jason! Great to hear from you! In terms of on-going debate, yeah…I think I’m done with that on this post. Looks like I need to save some energy for my upcoming Florida Outpouring posts! [img]http://lifewithchrist.org/js/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/angel_smile.gif[/img]

    And by the way…your comment above is number 5000 on my blog. Congratulations! Feel free to buy yourself something special to celebrate today! [img]http://lifewithchrist.org/js/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/wink_smile.gif[/img]


  9. Burt

    Here are some quotes from the above articles:

    [i]”[Val] Thomasí heart stopped around 1:30 a.m. Saturday and doctors said she had no pulse. Rigor mortis started to set in, and she was placed on a respiratory machine.”[/i] – Fox News

    [i]”Doctors are calling Val Thomas a medical miracle. They said they can’t explain how she is alive. They said Thomas suffered two heart attacks and had no brain waves for more than 17 hours. At about 1:30 a.m. Saturday, her heart stopped and she had no pulse. A respiratory machine kept her breathing and rigor mortis had set in, doctors said…They rushed her to a West Virginia hospital. Doctors put Thomas on a special machine which induces hypothermia. The treatment involves lowering the body temperature for up to 24 hours before warming a patient up. After that procedure, her heart stopped again. “She had no neurological function,” said Dr. Kevin Eggleston. Her family said goodbye and doctors removed all the tubes.”[/i] – NewsNet5

    [i]”Once the doctors did everything that they could and the family members made every decision they could using scriptures for guidance, they finally turned Val over to Jesus. That is when the family believes their miracle began. Starting 10 minutes after they stopped the respirator, and were removing the electrical lead, is when Val spoke saying ‘that’s okay honey’ to one of the nurses attending to her. Doctor and nurse say they were baffled with Val sudden recovery.”[/i] – WCHS

  10. Brandy

    The woman’s brain was not functioning, meaning she was brain dead. Her heart stopped beating for 17+ minutes … amazing in itself cuz most doctors would have claimed her dead before then. If it wasn’t for MACHINES pumping air into her, she WOULDN’T have been breathing. I would say that God definitely worked a miracle in this woman for her to suddenly wake up and be fine! That’s awesome!

  11. Mike M

    If Jesus were to “die and resurrect” in the exact fashion as Val and under the exact some circumstances…. we wouldn’t have our Christian faith today.

    Search the internet to see how many people Defibrillators have “raised from the dead”. You’ll read stories of people that were without oxygen for a half hour and more that are alive today. Across our nation, [b]hundreds of people are brought back to life every day…[/b] and all most all of them are done in hospitals… just like Val’s case.

    I’m happy for Val and her family, but she wasn’t raised from the dead like Jesus and Lazareth. They’re apples and oranges.

  12. MikeP

    Keep sending in those comments, Mike! People all over the world are praying Paul’s first Ephesian prayer for you!

  13. Timothy Harper

    I attend the Maranatha Fellowship in Saint Albans West Virginia, an awesome place to worship our Savior, and Lord Jesus Christ; I had the privilege of seeing Val Thomas walk out on stage and give Jesus all the praise. You only have one mother, this being the one that gave birth to you, in one life time, her son, had another opportunity to hug, kiss, and tell his precious mother how much he loves her again, and again, that is the love of Christ. God Bless the Thomas family, God Bless Maranatha Fellowship, and God Bless our pastor, James Wright a great man of God.

  14. In His Glorious Name Ministries

    We will start seeing a lot of this as time passes… we will start hearing news reports of healings, miracles and even those big news companies will be scratching there heads.

  15. Lisa Severance

    having lost my father just about a year ago to somehwat similar circumstances…I can honestly say that with no oxygen to the brain for 17 + minutes, the brain functions would stop. At that point, the body keeps going though what makes the person them is in ost cases gone.
    And…by the way Mike M, you keep saying declared dead. But “declared dead” is a technicality. No brain function, on a respirator and preping for organ removal…she had been declared dead by everyone, they just hadn’t filled out the paperwork to make it official yet. Which they cannot do until the body is no longer taking in oxygen, ie no life support. She was clinically dead at the time they were prepping her and suddenly woke up…with no major ill effects I might add.
    Sounds like God had something to do with this one!

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