Long Day…but Good


Left the house today at 7:45 AM to head three hours one way to the other side of the state to pick up supplies for future outreach projects. By the time we loaded up the van, made the trek back, unloaded the van and then got home, it was almost 8:00 PM.  And I am one tired puppy.

But what did I get?

  •  174 cases (12 packs) of diet Cherry 7-Up.  Retail Value:  $1,396.26;  My Cost:  FREE  (thank you Agape Distribution, Operation Blessing and Pat Robertson!)
  • 2000 packages of Lamisil Advanced Antifugal Gel.  Retail Value: $39,980.00.  My Cost:  FREE  (thank you Agape Distribution, Operation Blessing and Pat Robertson!)
  • 150 Coleman made jackets.  Approximate Retail Value: $15,000.00?  MY Cost:  $487.50 (thank you Agape Distribution!).

My only other costs were the $91 dollars I spent on fuel to ge there and back.

I’m a tired guy tonight…but I’ve got some fun stuff to give away.  Jackets for area students in the Fall, Lamisil for the Athletic departments in all the area high schools and colleges and possibly for the upcoming Gus Macker tourney, plus pop to hand out by the case just for fun.  The hope?  For conversations to stir…"why would you give this away to me…?"

Ah…well let me tell you about a person who changed my life…!

13 thoughts on “Long Day…but Good

  1. Andrea+S.

    I love that we are giving away athlete’s foot medicine…it’s just so funny!

    Thanks Pastor Burt for getting all of that stuff!!

  2. Mike M

    That’s the first time I’ve read the words, “thank you” and “Pat Robertson” in the same sentence where it wasn’t meant sarcastically. [img]http://lifewithchrist.org/js/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/tounge_smile.gif[/img]

  3. Clint

    “I love that we are giving away athlete’s foot medicine…”

    If you don’t mind, I believe Tuffy needs a tube or two. [img]http://lifewithchrist.org/js/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/angel_smile.gif[/img]

  4. Mike M
  5. Mike M

    “how does Webster define the word, cynic?”

    Webster defines cynic as
    Cynic- see “Mike M.”
    (With my picture under the entry.) [img]http://lifewithchrist.org/js/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/wink_smile.gif[/img]

    I just don’t understand “outreach” the way PB and many others do. When you give, that should be the end of it… period. There should be no expectations with giving. PB wants people’s time and listening ear in exchange for his “allegedly free gifts”. After you hand someone a cherry 7up, they’ll see the strings attached immediately when you start in with your “testimony”.

    They’ll think, “oh, I was hoping you were giving me this soda because I’m thirsty. Now it’s apparent that were just wanting to preach at me. Here’s your soda back… I’ll find a drinking fountain somewhere. Thanks, but no thanks.

  6. Burt

    Sorry you feel that way Mike.

    As for the 7-up, it didn’t cost me a dime. I’ll give it away to anyone who wants it. If they ask me why I’m doing this, I’ll tell them that I believe that Jesus is real and loves us and I am hoping that they will remember that. If they want to talk more, we will. If not, we won’t. If they have a prayer need, we’ll take the opportunity to pray with them; if not, fine. Nobody has to sit through any kind of Amway-esq type canned presentation to get anything. I don’t see this as disingenuous at all.

    Most of the Lamisil, also free, will simply get dropped off at various Athletic departments, free of charge, with our compliments…though some of it may get distributed at the Gus Macker tournament in similar fashion as the 7-up giveaway.

    The coats were what cost us. They are valued at $100.00 plus, each, and are very nice. They will go to families and school children in the Fall as part of a cooperative effort with other churches who will also include school supplies, socks, underwear and various other goods.

    In addition, we are preparing various gift packs for ladies at a local women’s shelter and for new moms at the hospital.

    Also this summer, we are launching a “Healing In The Streets” ministry which is designed to offer prayer for the sick.

    Some friends who are part of our church and have their own ministry are working with others to distribute truckloads of bread in some of the poor and hurting areas of our community throughout the summer.

    We are learning to do many kinds of outreach. Sorry if they don’t measure up to your exacting standards, Mr. Encouragement.


  7. Mike M

    By your own testimony, PB, you said you spent close to $600 for this stuff and your intentions were that they be conversation starters. I’m just responding to your original post.

    And I do encourage you frequently, PB…. from your series on Romans to your part in changing my views of Pentecostals in a good way. I don’t think I’ve not listened to any of your audio sermons. I think I’ve listened to almost all of them and have always been encouraging in my comments. How many others here have taken 45+ minuets to listen to your sermons each time. Judging by the comments, not many… but I do.

    You’re genuine, PB… that I’m certain. I just think you’ve received poor training in some areas of ministry. Flying out to circus-like meetings to get the “impartation” is something that was discouraged where I come from.

    Passing out stuff so people will ask why it’s free is not how I see Jesus and the 12 evangelizing… or Paul for that matter.

    I was taught about relational evangelism. “Healthy sheep beget healthy sheep.” Feed the sheep all of God’s Word, verse by verse, not topical sermons, and the sheep will have the full counsel of God. Healthy sheep will then live a life that will cause others to ask questions about what’s different about them. They’ll invite their friends to come to church and you’ll have seating and parking problems.

    It works. That’s why most Calvary Chapels have thousands of members and 4 services on Sundays. It’s almost too simple for most pastors to comprehend. Teach the sheep the Word of God and they just naturally reproduce. No sermons on evangelism are needed. If you find that giving out free stuff works for you and your community, well then I guess I can’t argue with the results.

    Have a God day!
    Mike M

  8. Mike M

    Now there’s the encourager! Claire, you rock! I bring balance to the Matrix, PB. Don’t mind me. If what I say causes you to think… I’m flattered. But if what I say pisses you off, then you’re taking me too seriously.

    Have a God day!
    Mike M

  9. Claire

    you know me, i alwys love things wehere people are getting out and knowing God and making him known. i really DO like his ideas – and one reason i really like them is i bet that it gives the ordinary christian real boldness once they do something like this and talk to people about God – then they will step out more and more themselves… sometimes outreach teaches us more and enables us more than reaching out – which sounds nuts i know – but is defiantely part of the process!

  10. Burt

    Claire wrote: [quote]one reason i really like them is i bet that it gives the ordinary christian real boldness once they do something like this and talk to people about God – then they will step out more and more themselves…[/quote]


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