Care To Join Our Street Ministry?


As part of our Healing In The Streets ministry currently happening on Saturdays, we began taking requests for continued prayer. 

If you would like to join us in praying for needs, here are some given to us during yesterday’s outreach.

  1. Tammy  – veins in her legs to be healed.
  2. Karen – recent cerebral hemorrhage, currently unresponsive.
  3. Lloyd – diagnosed with brain cancer, given three weeks to live.
  4. Darrell – Brain cancer.
  5. Walt – traumatic brain injury from a car accident 17 years ago, has limited mobility and motor function.  Has become agnostic.
  6. Rita – fell off back porch and broke her leg in three places.
  7. Melanie – had a massive heart attack on July 4th and is currently in the intensive care unit.

Thanks for graciously lifting these folks before the Lord in prayer!

11 thoughts on “Care To Join Our Street Ministry?

  1. Mike M

    that’s not what I asked. I was asking if you got these folks permission before you put their names and prayers on the Internet?

  2. Burt

    Thanks for the combined prayers everyone.

    Mike: These people are strangers to us and us to them. Hopefully, not for long! A couple names are people we met, the rest were given to us by people we met who asked us to pray and to invite others to pray for the various needs. Sorry if that doesn’t meet with your approval. Even so, I’m sure your prayers would be appreciated as well.

  3. Mike M

    “Sorry if that doesn’t meet with your approval.”

    It’s not mine you need. You just may want to extend the curtsy to folks to ask their permission before you publish their private matters on the web. Some may not have realized you said “others” you meant the entire world. I wouldn’t mind myself, but I’m a pretty open person. Other people I know would feel embarrassed and betrayed if their prayers shared in private were published on the web. Just something to consider. Not everyone is the same.

    I’m skeptical that Walt, the agnostic asked for prayer.

  4. Burt

    Mike: Regarding Walt…

    We had quite a lengthy and compassionate conversation with the gentleman. He spoke of his history in detail and was more than willing to let us pray with him. Near the end of our conversation, he confessed to being agnostic, but gave the impression that he’s trying to keep his options open. We asked him if it would be alright to continue to praying for him and if we could share his needs with others who would pray. He was in complete agreement.

  5. jason

    Praying for these requests Pastor Burt, also praying about your troll issue…

    your a good man of integtry and so is your ministry…

  6. Mike M

    Like I said, Walt didn’t ask for prayer.

    You’re not seeing my point that’s it’s a good idea to give these folks full disclosure, and that’s OK. I know you mean well.

    Have a God day!
    Mike M

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