Vague Prayer Request For A Specific Situation


Would you be willing to pray about a specific situation?

Very shortly, I am going out to talk to someone about some very heartfelt issues.  They are significant, entangled, destructive and dangerous, and will certainly need more than what can be accomplished today.

But today could also be the beginnings of a real break through in this situation.

And that’s as specific as I can be!

Father hear our prayer today…come rescue and redeem!


6 thoughts on “Vague Prayer Request For A Specific Situation

  1. Lee

    PB, while it doesn’t really matter if we know exactly what the prayer is for…He does! so, i will pray that the specifics of your need will be covered, and also that your heart be prepared.

  2. Lee

    tuffy, it could only be you if PB turned out to be a cubs fan. [img][/img]

  3. Burt

    Thanks guys for the prayers. I felt like some progress was made today, but the situation is still quite volatile. Continued prayers as it’s on your heart would be appreciated.

    Tuffy…I wasn’t sure how I was going to bring this up, but… [img][/img]

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    Soon I hope to also tackle Reimagining Church by Frank Viola. This book is the followup to his earlier work, Pagan Christianity

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