Pray For The Congo

Standard recently posted an opinion piece decrying the human rights horrors taking place in the Congo.

Here’s an excerpt:


Over the past decade, waves of violence have continuously crashed over eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, in the world’s deadliest war.

A study by the International Rescue Committee says the war has led to the deaths of 5.4 million people…

…The perpetrators and orchestrators of this violence do so primarily in a mad scramble for one of the richest non-petroleum natural resource bases in the world.

All kinds of minerals are mined in the Congo that end up in our computers, cell phones, jewelry, and other luxury and essential items of everyday use. Because there is no rule of law in the Congolese war zone and no ethical code impacting the international supply and demand for these minerals, the result is that anything goes.

In Congo, this means the vampires are in charge.

Vampires take many forms in Congo. They are the militia leaders who control the mines, and who use mass rape as a means of intimidating local populations and driving people away from areas they want to control.

For the complete article, CLICK HERE.

Let’s keep this before the Lord in prayer, and spread the information to those we know.  Together, we can raise awareness, hopefully with a growing voice that becomes loud enough for the world to take notice and stand against this atrocity…and others like it.  Anybody else have an idea about what we can do?

Even so…come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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