Final Statement From C. Peter Wagner RE: Todd Bentley & Lakeland – Oct. 29, 2008


Chris Cole, the UK and Ireland Regional Director of God TV and founder of the Cross Rhythms website, recently posted the final(?) statement from C. Peter Wagner regarding the Lakeland Outpouring and Todd Bentley.  The original post, including Mr. Cole’s preliminary comments, can be found here

Wagner’s lengthy statement follows below.

9 thoughts on “Final Statement From C. Peter Wagner RE: Todd Bentley & Lakeland – Oct. 29, 2008

  1. Eskimez

    What a load of drivel, up-ones-bottom self-absorbed “apostolic protocol”, but not our Lord Jesus talking to us. Let’s go for a walk in the fresh air somewhere else with Him.

  2. Constance

    So he is saying that apostolic protocol caused Todd’s sin to be exposed??? Huh?? Why didn’t those leaders have any discernment about the situation [u]before[/u] it became apparent to [u]everyone[/u]?

    (Isa 56:10) Israel’s watchmen are blind, they all lack knowledge; they are all mute dogs, they cannot bark; they lie around and dream…

  3. mark

    The Body of Christ has a long way to go….a lot of maturing needs to take place…from the apostolic on down. Let’s quit making spiritual excuses and take responsibility. But the Holy Spirit will lead us…He is still in control and He knows how to restore all things. John 17:3

  4. Mike M

    “a lot of maturing needs to take place…from the apostolic on down.”

    I like you you’ve segregated the body of Christ into ranks, from the powerful mighty apostles on down to the peons parishioners!

    Or I wonder if it takes maturity to see the equality of all in the body.

  5. Concerned

    These “apostles” are power hungry, control hungry, ambition driven men. Their self appointed “apostle” groups and “apostolic protocol” are dangerous. These are dangerous men, note them all and watch out!

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve followed C Peter Wagner’s career for a decade now and he is the one most responsible for the false New Apostles and False Prophets and their alignment, etc. He was also responsible for seducing many denominations into doing very foolish things such as spiritual mapping and spiritual warfare.

    C Peter Wagner and his cohorts are not bible believing Christians by any stretch of the imagination as the facts above prove. Good reporting done here. Thanks.

    God bless, Linda

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