Todd Bentley Update – Nov 28, 2008


Freshfire Ministries published an update on Nov. 28, 2008, regarding accountability issues with Todd Bentley.  Freshfire is the ministry that Bentley founded and the letter reflects their current position and understanding.  It is their first update since August 15th.

Originally published on their ministry web page, I have reproduced it below.


4 thoughts on “Todd Bentley Update – Nov 28, 2008

  1. Mike M

    That’s just sad topped with more sad with a side of sad with the desert too. They are still contending that this was “genuine work of God”! Yet NOT ONE miracle has been verified or documented. And no apologies have been made from either Todd or the ministry about the 14 people raised from the dead hoax.

    The ministry always puts out these lengthy complex letters trying to explain Todd and what happened in Lakeland.

    It’s really not that complex. Todd was acting in his flesh. You can’t give fleshly efforts and get holy results. If you sow to the flesh you’ll read death. The result of flesh-driven ministries is death, not life.

    To continue to call this a genuine work of God only prolongs people being healed from Lakeland. People got wounded in Lakeland, not healed! Some got physically assaulted by Todd kicking them and everyone got assaulted spiritually. This letter just adds insult to injury. I don’t know why they don’t issue a complete and total apology and close up shop. I don’t know why they feel the need to try and salvage a complete disaster.

  2. Evan Wiggs

    What a failure what a sad, sad state of affairs. Fresh Fire Ministries is now officially headless and in deep trouble. Their latest letter is a whining diatribe of self doubt and blaming everything but the real culprit and that is sin that Todd Bently loved. It wasn’t burn out, it wasn’t anointing addiction, it wasn’t improper direction from Abbotsford, it was addiction to sin and pride and arrogance. Todd did walk in miracles, but Lakeland was a farce from almost the word GO and all Todd’s demonstrations of his intimacy with God, such as his “vibrating” were merely silly in retrospect. We in the Charismatic movement also have acted stupid in demanding and expecting the latest and greatest “revelation” from those in the lead and reaped foolishness. Todd’s famous story of going to heaven and visiting Paul in his house and Paul saying Hebrews was a collaboration between him and I think Abraham. OH what is this supposed to mean and does it do anybody any good? We love out sin too don’t we? Oh God of heaven have mercy on your children who are so busy playing religious games and not listening to you.

  3. Mike M

    Wow, so I’m not crazy! Well said, Evan.

    The people at Fresh Fire ministries are just trying to salvage their paychecks. That’s all this letter show me. I feel bad for them, I really do. They are just more of Todd’s victims.

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