J. Lee Grady Exams Lakeland Lessons – Dec 3, 2008


In his blog, Charisma magazine editor, J. Lee Grady, reflects on lessons learned in the aftermath of the Lakeland meetings with Todd Bentley. 

Here are some excerpts:


5 thoughts on “J. Lee Grady Exams Lakeland Lessons – Dec 3, 2008

  1. shanti

    Did you make a mistake by going from Lesson #1 to #2 and then jumping to #4? I missed #3.

    Leaving out the Word of God will get anyone in trouble very quickly.

  2. Mike M

    “Amen, Mr. Grady.” indeed!

    Especially “Character is more important than anointing.”

    What the heck is “the anointing” anyway, PB? To me it sounds identical to “the force” in Star Wars. Obviously Todd Benlry turned to the dark side of the anointing.

  3. In His Glorious Name Ministries

    I?m tired of imitations. History shows that genuine revival is more than a bunch of blessed bodies in a pile. We need more than angel feathers, emotional euphoria and limp pep talks about getting high on Jesus. We need the strong Word of God that convicts hearts, demands repentance, slays sin and has the power to produce converts who will withstand temptation.

    **** Yep!, that’s for sure.

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