Pray For Guinea


Guinea is currently experiencing a coup and the nation is in chaos following the death of the president this morning.  Whether that chaos is short-lived or escalates into mass violence remains to be seen.

Please pray for God’s peace to come to this nation and also for the specific safety of some folks I know who are missionaries there.  They tried to leave the country this morning after learning of the situation, but all border check points have been closed.

The effectual, fervent prayers of the righteous avail much!


3 thoughts on “Pray For Guinea

  1. Mike M

    Wow, that’s horrific! I know a lot of missionaries who have died for various reasons, so I don’t know what God wants to do here. But I will pray that His will be done.

    I don’t know the exact circumstances, but how can you not leave a country? That would make sense in Berlin in 1980, but provided there’s no walls, can’t you just run? Again, I don’t know the details.

  2. Burt

    Mike: Here’s a copy of the email I received earlier today:

    [quote]Tom and Sherry Moore just called from Guinea. They heard about the presidentís death and the military coup at 5:30 this morning. They were at home in Conakry and immediately prepared to leave Conakry to go to Kamsar, where they are staying as they work on the preparations for the MOVE (Men Of Vision, Evangelize!) teamís visit to Boffa. But Conakry is tightly shut down and they were not allowed to leave (military checkpoint). They returned home and do feel safe at home. They arenít hearing any gunfire so at this point things are peaceful. They will try again in a couple of days to travel to Kamsar to continue the work on the MOVE preparations. The next two weeks will tell whether the military is united, and thus the coup a peaceful transition to another government, and whether the MOVE trip can remain as scheduled.

    Pray for peace for Guinea and for safety for Tom and Sherry Moore.[/quote]

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