It’s A Brand New Year


And so 2009 has arrived.

I get the feeling that this year will involve a lot of change.  Personal change, I mean.

I want to be sharper, less scattered;
  more physically active, less massive;
  more spiritually alive, less influenced by the system; 
  more connected to friends and family, less self-absorbed;
  more studied, less ignorant;
  more engaged in my strengths, less destracted by my weaknesses;
  more at peace, less conflicted;
  more an extension of peace, less a contributor to dischord;
  more focused on opportunities, less hindered by setbacks.

There’s probably more to say here…my list is certainly not exhaustive.

Every journey starts with a step. 

I’m taking mine today.


3 thoughts on “It’s A Brand New Year

  1. Claire

    great post pastor burt – i’ll definitely ad some dittos from me for some of them!

    happy new year!

    i want to be more present, less distracted. i think that is my main goal for the year…

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