25 Random Things


I got tagged to do this over on Facebook…and thought I would reproduce it here. 

Below, in the rules, it says that you are supposed to tag 25 people to do the same.  I did that on Facebook, but will spare you…but if you want to do one, consider yourself tagged!

And since my Facebook imports this blog, readers there will get subjected twice…sorry ’bout that Facebookers!

13 thoughts on “25 Random Things

  1. Claire

    good one on the rubicks cube. they are insane! and kudos to those who can do it for fun… so not me….

    im also looking forward to star trek, though will i be confused with sylar in it???

  2. Snowflake

    1 – That’s just RUDE!
    7 – Me too! Can’t wait to see it…
    10 – That’s powerful stuff…and so true.
    18 – I love euker…I don’t play it nearly enough either. I mean, it seems not many people need a fourth because the folks I know play as couples.

    I may do this…just for fun…thanks for sharing all this stuff. Kinda cool to read it all, ya know?

  3. Burt

    tuffy: Hey, that sounds fun! And I know what you mean about having trouble finding people to play…when I lived in Oklahoma, nobody even knew what it was. It seems to me that most euchre players tend to be from the Indiana/Ohio/Michigan area.

  4. tuffy

    some evening this week i probably could. while i’m in salina this weekend i need to be focused on packing, but while i’m in kc there isn’t much to be done in the evenings, yet.

  5. Jen

    You don’t know me, but I wandered onto your blog by accident and #10 struck me. I’m a believer, but I have struggled for years with committing to a church, primarily because of its’ flaws. Perhaps I am called to be part of the church for that very reason?

  6. Replica Handbags

    Not the kind that remains content to keep things at the level where we embrace when we happen to see each other, but live separate the rest of the time.

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