8 thoughts on “Out of the mouth of babes…

  1. Burt

    Overall, he knows me pretty well!

    However, answers to #’s 2 and 3 make me think that I need to work on making sure he see’s my love as unconditional and that we avoid developing a foundation for performance based worth!

  2. jeff

    [quote]10. If your dad becomes famous, what will it be for?
    ANSWER: Doing really cool stuff like winning an award for not getting hit by a single sword.[/quote]

    OK, This one requires a little explanation…(?) [img]http://lifewithchrist.org/js/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/shades_smile.gif[/img]

    What great list!

  3. Burt

    Jeff: He had no hesitation in giving me that answer! I had to ask him what he meant too. Turns out my son plays too many video games! [img]http://lifewithchrist.org/js/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/omg_smile.gif[/img]

  4. g

    I really loved this q/a for kids! They do say the darndest things!

    Thanks for sharing your list! Kids are so so SO sweet. (most of the time)

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