Mission To Ireland (We’re going!)


It’s official.

My wife and I are headed to Ireland in October.  I bought the plane tickets earlier this week.

We will be gone for ten days, eight days in country, two days of travel.

Where?  What?  Why?

That’s a bit of a longer story…

8 thoughts on “Mission To Ireland (We’re going!)

  1. graham

    Excellent! [img]http://lifewithchrist.org/js/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/teeth_smile.gif[/img]

    Oh, and get the bus or lifts from the OM folk. They will want to serve you!

  2. Burt

    Thanks Graham. We’re pretty excited about the opportunity!

    I’m considering heading into Northern Ireland first and connecting with a Vineyard church there before settling for a few days in the Roscommon area…so I’m thinking that having my own rental allows me to do that a bit more on my own time table. We’ll see…the itinerary is way up for grabs yet, with lots of time left to decide.

  3. sassiekiwi

    HI PB

    Thanks for the specific details on this … it helps me pray. I am excited for you both to go and interested to see what God does in you. I sowed into missions and now, I am living in Korea … with a very exciting possibility of a missions trip in the near future that I have a heart for. currently praying for favour that I can go …

    Anyway just wanted to encourage you … can you post the responses to your needs as they come in … also what is best way for people to give to you if they are so led …

  4. Burt

    sassiekiwi: Thanks for the encouragement! Your question as to the best way people can give is very humbling. That’s a good question! If anyone wanted to send something direct, they should probably email me at burtonjcampbell dot yahoo dot com. I also have a paypal account at that same address if anyone wanted to use that.

    I had $10.00 spontaneously given by a friend today. That brings my remaining total down to $1065.00. We are considering connecting with a church in Northern Ireland while we are there, however…if that happens, I’ll have that additional housing cost too. The hotels in that area seem to run around 80 GBP (or $128 US), so that would up the total to around $1093.00 yet to go. That part is all in flux yet, so we’ll see! Hmmm…I may but a link in my left sidebar that gives an updated running total. I’ll have to work on that.

  5. papa

    Interesting to come across your page. I to have been a pastor for over 17 years. My wife and I are in the early application process with OM for a possible stateside position. I also have had an interest in Ireland for some time. I would very much like to follow your progress, both pre, during, and after trip. We have had mission exp. in Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. Currently live in Kansas.


  6. Burt

    papa: Thanks for visiting my blog. Good to “meet” you. I have spent the morning today working on itinerary issues and sending emails to other potential Ireland contacts. I’ll keep you, and everyone, posted as things progress!

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