Searching For God


Here’s a promise I read this morning:

"…you, O Lord, do not abandon those who search for you."  Psalm 9:10b

It begs the question, "Are we searching for Him?  Are we looking?"

God promises that if we search for Him, we’ll find.  But we have to search with our whole heart.

Jesus said that Kingdom of God is like a treasure that a man found in a field.  Having discovered it, he went and sold all he had and then bought that field. Matt 13:44

Too often, I think we tend to want the treasure but don’t want to sell all that we have.  Or, as long as the search is easy, convenient, and on our terms, we’ll take an interest in God, but otherwise, no.

Today, when the Gospel is proclaimed and we call on others to turn to Christ, many are offended.  They get upset, assuming that we are driven by arrogance and an overly narrow view.  Lord forgive us when our words or actions confirm that arrogance, and give us the grace to change!  Yet, if the Kingdom of God is a buried treasure, it seems foolish to blame God for not placing it where I want to dig. 

It seems to me we want the God that we make.  One that fits our expectations, desires, and whims.  One that conforms to our terms and reinforces our ways of thinking.  God forbid that we be the ones who have to change!

When we only want a God who conforms to us, then we don’t have to look far.  Most homes have a mirror.

I’m a married man.  I searched for a spouse and I found one.  Having found her, the pursuit is not over.  I endeavor to seek a deeper, more intimate and heartfelt relationship everyday.  Over the years, as I look back, I find I am experiencing that very thing.  It is much the same with God.  Having giving my life to Christ, my search only intensifies: that I would know Him more, that I would catch a greater glimpse of the infinite God and fall all the more deeply in love.

Lord, help us not to be satisfied by anything other than truly You!  Give us the tenacity to pursue You with all that we are and to readily let go of all that stands in the way of finding You and being with You.


One thought on “Searching For God

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