The Call To Go Deep, 1 Cor 2:6 – 3:9

The Call To Go Deep
 1 Corinthians 2:6-3:9

QUESTION: Has there ever been a time when you needed to learn a new skill or ability?  How did you develop that?  How did you measure your development?  How have you grown in this area over time?

1.  God has words of wisdom for those who would be mature. 1 Cor 2:6  Q:  What doe it mean to be mature?

A.  A mature believer mostly includes the idea of being someone who:

  • Hears the Word.  Q: How do we “hear” the Word?  When do you “hear” the Word?
  • Believes the Word. Q: What does believing the Word require of us?
  • Lives the Word.  Q: How can we help each other to “live” the Word?
  • Presses in for more.  Q: What does this concept look like in the life of a believer?
  • Repents quickly. Q: What does this have to do with maturity in Christ?
  • Is “others” minded.  Q: Why might this factor into maturity?

NOTE:  Being mature doesn’t mean being perfect, but rather being honest, saying “yes” to Jesus, getting back up when they fall, and changing over time by the grace of God.

B. The wisdom God wants to give out is only available to the mature. 1 Cor 2:7-16

  • The message of God is a mystery.  1 Cor 2:7  Q: What does this mean?
  • The wisdom of God cannot be understood with human thinking. 1 Cor 2:8  Q: Why not?
  • What God wants to pour out is beyond what we can even imagine.  1 Cor 2:9  Q: What does this tell us about God?
  • Those who will walk in humility before the Lord, yielding themselves to Him, can know God in all His fullness, with all mystery revealed.  1 Cor 2:10-12  Q: How do we know if we want this?
  • Without a conscious decision to submit your life to Jesus, it is impossible to know the things of God. 1 Cor 2:13-16  Q: What does it mean to “submit yourself” to Jesus?  What does this look like in your life?

2.  Maturity in Christ is something that can be examined and measured.  1 Cor 3:1-9
    QUESTION:  Who does the measuring?  Who gets measured?

    A.  One measuring stick is called lifestyle.  1 Cor 3:1-4  Q: In what ways do you see this?

  • Control by the sinful nature is a barrier to maturity. 1 Cor 3:3a
  • Envy and jealousy (improper comparisons to one another) are barriers to maturity. 1 Cor 3:3b
  • The desire to place ourselves ahead of others is a barrier to maturity. 1 Cor 3:4

Q:  In what ways do these things persist in the Church today? How can that change?

    B.  The second measuring stick is called servant hood.  1 Cor 3:5-9

  • Mature believers will do what God has given them to do.  They are glad to serve. 1 Cor 3:5
  • Mature believers will not work to exalt themselves, only the work of God.  1 Cor 3:6-7
  • Mature believers are committed to be part of the team God is putting together. 1 Cor 3:8-9

Q: What is the difference between an “individual” relationship with God and a “corporate” relationship with God?
Q: In what ways are you working to be part of the team that God is putting together here in this church?

FINAL THOUGHT:  The mystery God wants to reveal is Jesus Himself.  1 Cor 1:24  The question is “Do we really want to know Him more?”

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