A Preacher Talking ‘Bout Money…


I’ve been contemplating a series of articles that deal with finances. 

From money saving tips,  goals, budgeting, and more, I want to see if some open discussions might be a source of help for struggling individuals and families in this current economic downturn.

I don’t write as a particular expert or as one whose finances are a model example in every regard.  But I have learned a few lessons over the years, have made some real progress, and look forward to finding victory and balance in many areas yet to come.

The first post I have placed over at examiner.com.  I’ve reposted it below.  The bottom line?  A financial turnaround starts with a lifestyle change.  Nothing changes until we change.  The situation doesn’t improve until we improve  It’s all about simplicity…

6 thoughts on “A Preacher Talking ‘Bout Money…

  1. Snowflake

    The only thing I have to say is AMEN BROTHER! I am a firm believer in living within means and it has served me well. I see so many people just buying stuff looking for happiness when happiness isn’t accumulation of stuff to fill the void that God should rightfully occupy. It really is the simple things in life…

  2. In His Glorious Name Ministries

    Great topic PB.

  3. Replica Watches

    My good friends Jonathan and Cathleen Gibson (and their family) were featured in a recent episode of the Austrailian TV show: “World’s Strictest Parents.”

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