Books I’d Like To Borrow


Okay…I’ve decided I can’t buy everything (and those are words to live by!).

I’m working my way through a set of books by Frank Viola.  Read Pagan Christianity when it first came out and then Reimagining Church.  Currently working on his brand new release Finding Organic Church.  Turns out, though, this last one completes a series of five.  Along the way I’ve missed The Untold Story of the New Testament Church and From Eternity To Here.  My local library is woefully deficient.  Anybody want to loan these my way for a while?

Also, I’d really like to find a copy of Rob McAlpine’s Post-Charismatic.


5 thoughts on “Books I’d Like To Borrow

  1. Snowflake

    Haven’t been here in a while, so I only just noticed the new photo montage at the top…nice 🙂

    Sorry, haven’t got those books to loan you. I experience similar frustrations when I try to find books from the Library for the Blind…they don’t always put what I want to read on audio (I can’t read print books anymore, the eye strain is too much). So I feel your pain, bro. Best of luck.

  2. clint

    I have both of those books, Burt. But before I send them, have you checked to see if your local library is part of an inter-library loan program, and if so, could they request them in from some other library? I think that would be to your advantage, if available. Let me know via facebook as I’m likely not to check back here for your reply.

  3. Andrea S.

    Umm, I think you should start a wish list on so that when October rolls around (Pastor appreciation month), people would have ideas of what they could get you 🙂

  4. Burt

    Clint: sent you a note. Thanks!

    Andrea: you are so kind! I don’t know that I want to do that…the whole pastor appreciation month is sorta awkward for me anyway.

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