And so it begins…


In just a couple of hours, my wife and I will head out the door on our way to the airport.  Our trip to Ireland has been a long time coming, and we are looking forward to it greatly!

I will do my best to post regular updates along the way, depending on the availability of wi-fi during the travel.

Today, I was up early and tackling the long list of items that I need to get done before departing.  So far, I’ve completed the following:

  • Kids to school
  • Older son to the doctor (turns out he has an upper respitory infection…prayers are appreciated!)
  • Drop off prescription at the pharmacy
  • Stop at AT&T – make sure my cell phone will work overseas and set up calling plan.
  • Sending a 42 page fax from the library (yeah, the one at the church is not currently functioning…so I’m at the library.  While I wait for the fax to complete, I’m typing this!  What’s the fax…lots of banking and tax paperwork…did I mention I’m refinancing my house?)

Here’s what yet remains:

  • Final paperwork/kid info for my folks who will be caring for our children in our absence
  • Final bits of laundry
  • Copying all of my travel paperwork (itinerary, various confirmations, car-rental stuff, and more).
  • Packing (is it too soon to start packing yet???)
  • Cleaning out our van.
  • Online check-in with the airline.
  • Balance checkbook and do last minute banking.

I think that’s it….I’m carrying a pad and paper as I move around today…it seems for almost every item I cross off, I add something else!

As this journey unfolds, I’ll update here when I’m able.

Father, thanks so much for this opportunity.  I’m looking forward to all that You have in store for us as we go.  Keep my children safe and healthy, and give my folks grace as they step in to care for them.  Thanks for being so trustworthy!

2 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. clint

    You leave your packing to the last couple of hours also? Kindred Spirits, that we are.

    Have a blessed trip. Make lots of memories and bring home tons of pictures.

  2. Swiss Replica Watches

    God is not against us, but for us! He is looking for righteousness and devotion. All of us have an equal opportunity to come to Him honestly.

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