I saw the sun come up…over Paris


As I write this, it is 9:20 AM in Paris.  And you thought we were going to Ireland?

The weather in Pittsburgh was a mess.  Flights from all over the mid-west were delayed or canceled.  Our flight to Atlanta was going to be about three hours behind schedule.  That meant there would be no way to make our connection to Dublin.  So…

We called Delta reservations…and after almost an hour on the phone, they booked us on a flight to Paris with a connection to Dublin.  Currently we’re sitting outside “Porte E21” in Charles DeGaul International Airport waiting for our next flight.  We were the last ones on board in Pittsburgh…and who knows where our luggage is.  The gate attendant informed us that they would do our best to get it to us by Friday night.   Prayers would be appreciated!  In addition…there was no more room on the Paris flight for my carry on case.  They made me check it at the plane side and said it would be awaiting our arrival in Dublin.  However…it seems that they didn’t give me a claim check.  This could  get interesting!

On the plus side, I just had an authentic Parisian croissant  with my darling wife, and I can tell people that I’ve been to Paris!  Even if I only got to see the airport.  

One thought on “I saw the sun come up…over Paris

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