Ireland Day One


We arrived in Dublin a little after 11:00 AM.  It had been a long journey via Paris, and though quite tired from hardly any sleep at all, we were eager for the day to begin.

The walk through immigratin and customs was a breeze, and we soon had our rental car.  Fortunately, our hotel was only a few miles away, helping me adjust slowly to driving on the "wrong" side of the road.  Road signs seem hard to distinguish so far, and so I was also quite glad to have our GPS unit along.

After checking in to the hotel, we opted to explore a bit of the City Centre area of Dublin.  We boarded the bus, and off we went.  Here’s a quick synopsis of the rest of the day:

  • Lunch – fish and chips from Leo Burdock’s (wonderful!)
  • A stop at what we first thought was Christ’s Cathedral – but turned out to instead to be St. Vincent Depaul’s Catholic Church (still amazingly old and beautiful)
  • An incredibly long walk the rest of the way to the City Centre
  • A brief walk by the real Christ’s Cathedral, first founded in 1030 AD (but we were apparently too late to get in!)
  • A short stop at Trinity College with a look at the Book of Kell’s and the "Long Room" in the old library.  Amazing!
  • A walk up and down Grafton Street, part of St. Stephen’s Green, and the surrounding area.  Lots of people everywhere.
  • A small dinner at a restaurant in the area (Luigi Malones-?).  We split the Pisa Rustacana.
  • On the way to find our bus stop, we crossed the Ha’ Penny bridge and took pictures of the Liffey River lit up at night.
  • A final bus ride back to the hotel.

And, wow, were we tired by the time we got back!

Quick observations:

  • Black seems the overwhelming color of choice for people in Dublin.
  • Beware packing hair spray in your luggage lest the entire can empty out while in transit and cause issues with your clothing.
  • God is amazingly good and we are so encouraged to be here.  We look forward to the rest of our time with great anticipation.

In the morning, we make the drive to the North.

3 thoughts on “Ireland Day One

  1. clint

    Glad that you’re there OK. Sounds wonderful.

    Tip for packing: I always pack things like hairspray into “zip-lock”-type bags so that, if they empty themselves of their contents, the plastic bag helps to spare your clothing.

    Something to think about prior to packing to return home.

  2. Swiss Replica Watches

    God is not against us, but for us! He is looking for righteousness and devotion. All of us have an equal opportunity to come to Him honestly.

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