30 Ways This Pastor Is Causing Trouble


Tonight, I’m feeling a particular need for some catharsis.

Between things I teach, things I do, and shortcomings I’m still working through, I’m most likely causing trouble for somebody somewhere.  Sorry.

And since dogs don’t bark at parked cars, here’s a semi-random list of thirty offenses…

7 thoughts on “30 Ways This Pastor Is Causing Trouble

  1. Frank Mann

    Sounds like me in my ministry. If most pastors were honest, they would face these questions too. Someone said that pastors led by the Holy Spirit afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. This happens in some churches. Not every church is a model of perfect unity that you see on TV stations.

  2. Darcy Gunnels

    Pastor Burt,

    I think the Spirit of God dwelling inside of you is absolutely AWESOME, and because you are a joint heir with Christ, you get to share in all that awesomeness as well! It seems that Jesus offended many folks while He was here, why should He stop now, living and speaking through your vessel? LOL

  3. Burt

    Yehoasheba: Your words are very kind! The Lord IS awessome, isn’t He? 🙂

    Let’s embrace His heart and work all the more as we enter into 2011!

  4. Darcy Gunnels

    Amen Pastor Burt,

    And may we ask Him to reveal the Mysteries of His Absolute Character and Nature, asking Him to define them by His definition. And May we approach Him as the humble and unlearned, reaching and grasping to understand those Natures, and Characters without a Webster’s Dictionary in our hands. LOL

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