No Regrets…


Life regularly brings the unexpected.

Sometimes, it’s a wonderful surprise…and sometimes it’s a sudden trial.

Some people, fearing the inevitable latter, live only for themselves. They think they are choosing to live without regrets, when the reality is they’re only living for selfish pleasures. That’s always a mistake. When we try to live for ourselves, we lose ourselves. When we think it’s up to us to take from this life what it has to offer, we all too often miss out on what is really most important.

The most important things are always about something more than self: relationships, family, friendships, God, faith, love, compassion, hope, kindness and service. I’m only scratching the surface, but you get the point.

Tonight I found out that a friend…more an acquaintance now, but a good childhood friend from my past…passed away suddenly today.  The last few years, we occasionally traded facebook comments. He was five or six years younger than me, and has left behind a wife and young child. My heart and prayers go out to them now.

And in my thoughts, I’m left with this sobering reminder: let’s live with no regrets. Let’s live for those things that are eternal.

Take a risk. Do what’s right. Let go of bitterness. Be gracious. Love well. Dream. Dare to believe. Trust God, and take the leap of faith.

We only go round once; better to make it count.

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