Coke Zero here I come…


I must admit that Diet Pepsi has been my choice of drink for a long time.

It’s not that I drink a lot of "pop" (or "soda" for you southern folk), but when I do, I prefer Diet Pepsi. No calories, and that sweet, sweet taste…alas!

Here’s the deal-breaker: apparently Pepsi Co. has recently partnered with Senomyx, a company that uses aborted fetus cells in flavor develpment. Yes, you read that right.

For the record, Pepsi doesn’t utilize aborted fetus cells in their products…but the partnership is in full swing, and frankly, I’m appalled.

For me, abortion is devastating enough…but now we are pursuing an increased commercial market for the cells? Do we really want to utilize abortion as a farm industry? Flavor testing????

It’s a terrible, terrible shame. I urge the Pepsi Company to severe their relationship with Senomyx until they cease all use and involvement with aborted fetus cells. It should be criminal.

Until then…bring on the Coke Zero.

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