A Good House Cleaning…


It’sofficial. We’ve put our house up for sale.

We’re not going far. Hopefully! We’re simply looking to shift school districts. Of course, all of that depends on getting the right offer on our house so that we can make the right offer on another. It’s in God’s hands and if it’s His will, we’ll make the move. If we don’t try, though, we’ll never know!

Regardless of what happens with the sale, it’s good to get some things done around the house.  That is to say, the end result is good. The process stinks.

For many, many days now, we’ve been cleaning, sorting, painting, trimming, and purging. I don’t want to admit how much trash we’ve hauled out of here. Even more, we’re donating tons of things to our upcoming church yard sale to help send teens to camp. Having come so far, it still seems that there is so much more to do.

Our journey with God is kind of like that. As we continue to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus, we engage in what often feels like a never ending process of "house cleaning." The good news is that we don’t have to do this for God, He does it for us. He works on us, washing, patching, remaking, painting, shaping and more. He often wants to throw out those old pieces of junk that I’ve become all too comfortable storing. "But I might need that Lord…!" Yet He knows that there is much I need to let go. He only waits for me to say "yes" to Him.

So, okay…"Yes, Lord. Remake and renew. I could use a good house cleaning. I want to be ready to move with You."

And now faithful reader….what’s the condition of your house? 

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