This Blog is a Jumbled Mess…(and it’s NOT my fault!)


This WordPress version of my blog is not the original.  “An Inside Look With Pastor Burt” started on August 25, 2005, at this url: Don’t try it…it’s since gone away.  LifeWithChrist was, for quite a long season, a wonderful little free blogging site operated by the very kind and gracious Jeremy Cowgar from the Akron, Ohio area.  Overtime, however, a number of unfortunate events transpired:

  1. Spam comments began to overrun the site despite numerous attempts to update and intercept them.
  2. Facebook emerged with it’s short little status updates and clever connections…and suddenly blogging was passe’.
  3. Several of the key bloggers moved on to other things in life, drifting away from our once vibrant community.
  4. Spam content became out of control, and dealing with it was overwhelming and demoralizing.
  5. I lost heart as things progressed (or rather DIDN’T progress) and stopped writing on a consistent, public basis.

This past year, the owner of the site finally shut down.  In an effort to save our writings, however, he archived everything and made it available to import into WordPress.  And voila!  This site was born as I attempted to import all the old files.  But the process didn’t go so well…

Ninety percent of my previous writings were split into two parts: A short opening introduction or teaser, followed by a “click-able” “expansion into the meat of my writing. Unfortunately, the transfer only seems to have archived the openers and then left incomplete, partial coding. The heart of my writing (several years worth) is seemingly gone.  That. REALLY. stinks.

A short perusal will show a huge number of entries that are woefully incomplete. So if you were wondering why the many posts seem such a mess, that’s the reason.  (Unless you read them all the first time around and thought they were still a jumbled mess even then!) Perhaps one day they can be restored? Who knows? I still hope Jeremy finds a way to bring my stuff back, but it might be to no avail.

So…here I am on the first day of year ten since I originally began.  Maybe it’s time to begin anew?  We’ll see.

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