Grace AND Truth


I have been meditating on the concepts of grace AND truth vs. the Law the past couple of days.  With those thoughts in mind, I made the following post on Facebook:

“God’s love and justice are never in conflict. Neither is grace and truth. If you’ve taken sides, your perspective is skewed.”

In my experience, I have observed that some individuals, groups, and even whole churches tend to view  “grace” and “truth” as if they are somehow opposites, like railroad tracks that are crossed instead of parallel, or signs that point in opposite directions.

Grace and truth both come from the Father. They will point in the same direction every time. If we perceive differently, then it is our perspective that has become warped. If we feel like there is a tension between the two, then it is we who have become mistaken in our thinking.

One of my pastor friends commented to my post, “Absolutely true Burt Campbell. Can you give us an example of “taking sides?”

I’ve opted to paste my response here to be able to access it again more easily in the future.  Feel free to comment with your reflections!

Read the full post here:

Yeshua or Jesus?


compositejesusOn Facebook, a friend recently made this declaration (excerpted from a slightly longer post): “the name yeshua is a false made up name–just to get people to forget the name of Jesus.. and it is to get people to return to judiasm…—–yeshua is not my king and saviour—Jesus is my king and saviour…. if you are a christian then listen to the Lord… shall not use the name of yeshua, —–but it is the name of Jesus that is above all Names—not only now but forevermore.

Here was my response:    Continue reading

Is God Judging America?





“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” (Proverbs 27:17, NLT)

As the pastor of a local church, I do my fair share of talking.  Often, that happens on a Sunday morning, in a classroom setting, or in one-on-one sessions with people.  Occasionally, I get the honor of speaking in a community service amidst a larger gathering of others. Whatever the occasion, I try to select my words carefully and deliberately in order to clearly convey the messages on my heart.  Even so, sometimes I later discover that what I think is clear is not necessarily so. Sometimes I misspeak, and other times I inadvertently stir up controversy. This week I was kindly confronted by another area pastor over some concepts I shared during a recent community service.  We had a brief, ten to fifteen minute phone conversation which I think ended with a greater sense of connection between us than when it started, but it nevertheless behooves me to work on clarity. To that end, I will attempt to reveal my intention and understanding a little better through this writing. Here’s hoping, anyway!

The issue: is God out to judge America for her sins?

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Better Than Drugs


     It’s Wednesday afternoon and I’m sitting in a hair salon while my daughter gets a trim.  Chalk one up for Lenny’s Hair Design for making a couple of laptops with high speed internet available for those who want to use them.  Very cool.

     On the way over, my daughter and I listened to the latest album by Skillet (overall, a very good one I might add!)

     The lyrics to song #4, Better Than Drugs, stood out to me as we drove.

Slain In The Spirit


More than 2 years ago, Mike Meyers asked me to write concerning what it means to be "slain in the Spirit."

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but I’ve finally completed a draft!

I’d love to know what you think!  I plan to make this available in my local congregation as a companion piece to "What’s Up With Speaking In Tongues" and "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit."  I still need to proof it for grammatical and spelling errors, so feel free to point them out.  Mostly, though, I’d value your constructive responses and reactions.


30 Things I Believe


A few things this week have inspired me to write this post of things I believe.  Of course, the problem with any statement like the one that follows, is it’s static nature.  This is what I currently believe.  Over time, I do expect that my understanding and beliefs should and will continue to develop and purify.  So with that in mind, here’s a list of beliefs, though hardly exhaustive and completely off the cuff, that I currently hold (in no particular order).

Deployment of Spiritual Gifts and Offices


I wrote the following article some time ago, and my good friend, Troy, has utilized it over on his website.  I decided that I also wanted to post it here, so I have copied and pasted from his site.  Here it is:

Understanding The Deployment

of Spiritual Gifts and Offices

Jesus works supernaturally through His Church by the Holy Spirit.  Although He gives only “some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers” (Ephesians 4:11), His desire is to pour out His Spirit on all believers, ministering supernatural gifts through them as He wills for the strengthening of the church and effective ministry to the lost (1 Corinthians. 12:4-6,11).  If we are going to be good stewards of the ministry gifts and offices He desires to deploy through us, we need to understand the importance of three different, yet equally necessary, foundations of giftedness:  “The Impartation of God,”  “Ministry Engagement and Experience,” and “Training and Development.”  When all three of these components overlap, we see effective supernatural ministry taking place.  On the accompanying chart, each component is represented as a circle, with effective gifting being the place where they all come together.  Let’s first describe each of these areas and then examine why it takes all three for ministry to stay healthy.

Keeping The Sabbath


The following is an article that I’ve submitted in a response to an inquiry from the "Message of the Open Bible," concerning my thoughts on what it means to "Keep The Sabbath." It should be published in the March/April issue. It was supposed to be 650 words long, but apparently I have great trouble being concise. After multible agonizing cuts, I’ve got it down to 775 words. Maybe they will edit it further? Anyway, here it is…

God’s Healing Power


Does God heal today?


For me there is no doubt.

Not long ago, I was exposed to an article on the internet that argued that God doesn’t heal amputees, so it was argued that no healing therefore is ever truly miraculous but rather explained by other more natural phenomena.

But I simply don’t buy into the premise of the argument.