Coke Zero here I come…


I must admit that Diet Pepsi has been my choice of drink for a long time.

It’s not that I drink a lot of "pop" (or "soda" for you southern folk), but when I do, I prefer Diet Pepsi. No calories, and that sweet, sweet taste…alas!

Here’s the deal-breaker: apparently Pepsi Co. has recently partnered with Senomyx, a company that uses aborted fetus cells in flavor develpment. Yes, you read that right.

For the record, Pepsi doesn’t utilize aborted fetus cells in their products…but the partnership is in full swing, and frankly, I’m appalled.

For me, abortion is devastating enough…but now we are pursuing an increased commercial market for the cells? Do we really want to utilize abortion as a farm industry? Flavor testing????

It’s a terrible, terrible shame. I urge the Pepsi Company to severe their relationship with Senomyx until they cease all use and involvement with aborted fetus cells. It should be criminal.

Until then…bring on the Coke Zero.

National Day of Prayer, 2011


"The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with." James 5:16b (The Message Bible)

Today, I was priviledged to take part in our local National Day of Prayer service in front of our county courthouse.

I am thankful to live in a country where such public assembly is legal. There is something powerful about people coming together with a determination to call on Jesus to save, rescue, forgive, cleanse, and empower. I believe with all my heart that the Lord was with us and heard us today. I am honored to have the chance to respond to His invitiation to partner with Him in bringing lasting change to our community (and beyond) through prayer.

Prayer makes a difference. It changes us, and it changes our world.

Did you pray today? It’s not too late!

Lord knows, we all need it.

My Letter Today To The President…


Below is the text from a letter I sent today to Barack Obama,  President of the United States.

I also sent it to the following leaders:

  • Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi
  • Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid
  • Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell
  • Ohio Senator, George Voinovich
  • Ohio Senator, Sherrod Brown
  • Ohio Representative Zack Space

By the way, if you want to contact your national leaders, you can do so by clicking HERE.  Be sure to enter your zip code on the upper right side to see a list of your specific representatives and leaders.

Here’s my letter…


Care To Join Our Street Ministry?


As part of our Healing In The Streets ministry currently happening on Saturdays, we began taking requests for continued prayer. 

If you would like to join us in praying for needs, here are some given to us during yesterday’s outreach.

  1. Tammy  – veins in her legs to be healed.
  2. Karen – recent cerebral hemorrhage, currently unresponsive.
  3. Lloyd – diagnosed with brain cancer, given three weeks to live.
  4. Darrell – Brain cancer.
  5. Walt – traumatic brain injury from a car accident 17 years ago, has limited mobility and motor function.  Has become agnostic.
  6. Rita – fell off back porch and broke her leg in three places.
  7. Melanie – had a massive heart attack on July 4th and is currently in the intensive care unit.

Thanks for graciously lifting these folks before the Lord in prayer!

Long Day…but Good


Left the house today at 7:45 AM to head three hours one way to the other side of the state to pick up supplies for future outreach projects. By the time we loaded up the van, made the trek back, unloaded the van and then got home, it was almost 8:00 PM.  And I am one tired puppy.

But what did I get?

  •  174 cases (12 packs) of diet Cherry 7-Up.  Retail Value:  $1,396.26;  My Cost:  FREE  (thank you Agape Distribution, Operation Blessing and Pat Robertson!)
  • 2000 packages of Lamisil Advanced Antifugal Gel.  Retail Value: $39,980.00.  My Cost:  FREE  (thank you Agape Distribution, Operation Blessing and Pat Robertson!)
  • 150 Coleman made jackets.  Approximate Retail Value: $15,000.00?  MY Cost:  $487.50 (thank you Agape Distribution!).

My only other costs were the $91 dollars I spent on fuel to ge there and back.

I’m a tired guy tonight…but I’ve got some fun stuff to give away.  Jackets for area students in the Fall, Lamisil for the Athletic departments in all the area high schools and colleges and possibly for the upcoming Gus Macker tourney, plus pop to hand out by the case just for fun.  The hope?  For conversations to stir…"why would you give this away to me…?"

Ah…well let me tell you about a person who changed my life…!

Doctor Who Nostalgia


  I’ve long been a  fan of the British television show, "Doctor Who."

   Through the years, I’ve collected and been given multiple episodes, both on VHS and DVD, covering the span of the iconic series first begun in 1963.  Of course, the third season of the newly relaunched series is on my Christmas list.

   Last night, a British charity called "Children In Need" did it’s anual fundraiser program.   As part of that, a seven-minute+ new episode of Doctor Who was broadcast.  The scene is inserted into the final moments of last season’s finale.  It’s great fun, especially for those of us long familar with the program, as it features the current Doctor ( #10 – David Tennant) suddenly encountering a previous Doctor (#5 – Peter Davison, 1980-1983). 

Enjoy the clip below, courtesy of Youtube.  And consider making a donation to Children in Need.

Go Read Brett’s Porn Post


The number of people I’ve known who have either struggled with, or been hurt by, pornography is staggering.


I personally know several ministers whose ministries and families have been devasted by this issue and I’ve seen the havoc that has been wrought in numerous marriages.

So, I like pointing people to effective resources and information to address and overcome this issue when I become aware of them.

Today, fellow LWC blogger "Brett" has posted notes from a recent talk.

Go read "Freedom From Pornography" as soon as you can.

Dr. Moreau Comes Home


It was once the stuff of science fiction and horror.

In 1896, H.G. Wells released The Island of Doctor Moreau, about a mad scientist who worked to transform beasts into monsterous humaniod creatures.  The 1996 film with Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer updated the story to reflect DNA experimentation.

Wells’ prophetic fictionalized insight seems to be ringing true with today’s "advancements" in science.  Apparently, British scientists have made application to create human/animal hybrid embryos for the purpose of harvesting stem cells for study and research.

Clearly, the crazed Dr. Moreau was simply a man misunderstand by his contemporaries who lacked the forsight of a more sophisticated culture.  If only Wells’ other account of an unnamed travelor had been just as prophetic, Moreau could have relocated to 2007 where he would have been applauded.

Read the official article HERE.

A Church That’s Giving Back


Earlier, I wrote a post that mentioned a church that’s spending in excess of half a million bucks to erect a giant cross.  I mentioned that it would be nice to see a church work to spread the love of Jesus in more than a symbolic way.

Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, California, seems to be such a church.

They were on track to build a new building for their congregation and ministry, to the tune of 21 million dollars.  But Paster Chan decided that such an expenditure was "morally repugnant."  There had to be a beter way to steward such finances and still meet their needs as a church.


Spending money…


Some time ago, my wife and I heard of a church in a major metropolitan area that has decied to spend just over $500.000.00 to build a giant cross.