Fall 2009 Blog Update


Just posting a quick note here at LifewithChrist.org to say that I’m still alive! 

It’s been a busy summer, without much time for blogging.  I’m hoping to get back to it a little more soon.  In addition to catching up on posting various sermon and Bible study outlines, there are a few articles I want to write as well.  Thoughts on friendship, Kingdom living, the importance and how-to’s of regular study, the return of Christ, servant-leadership, and a zillion other things all going ’round in my brain.

In the meantime, I’ve slightly updated the photo at the top of this page (those of you reading this after it gets imported into Facebook can find the pic at http://pastorburt.lifewithchrist.org).  In addition, last week marked the end of four years of blogging at LWC.  Wow, that time went by fast!  I wonder what year five will bring?  I’ve also updated and shortened the reading list on the right side of the page.  Perhaps I’ll write some posts on that material too as I go through it between now and the end of the year.

In other news, our missions trip for October is on track.  Mike Mullins of Operation Mobilisation Ireland tells me it’s been very wet and that we should also be prepared for the weather to be quite cold.  That’s not what I wanted to hear.  Lord, let there be a sudden warm spell!  Wet or dry, cold or warm, we’re looking forward to seeing what we can do to assist that ministry while we are there and also meeting up with Alan Scott of the Causeway Coast Vineyard in the North.  It won’t be long…

For now, I’ll leave you with this thought:  Everyday is a chance to start over, with fresh mercy and a new slate.  Make the most of it!

World’s Strictest Parents


My good friends Jonathan and Cathleen Gibson (and their family) were featured in a recent episode of the Austrailian TV show: "World’s Strictest Parents."

Jonathan serves as the pastor of an Assembly of God church in Noblesville, IN (near Indianapolis).

The program turned out really well, I thought.   Way to go, Gibsons!!!

You watch the episode segments below:
(Readers finding this on Facebook need to click "original post.")

Making Music


Last Spring, after a bunch of my guitars and other music equipment were stolen, I ordered a replacement multi-track recorder.

I opted for the Zoom R16 because it records to SD card and can be used as a computer interface. 

Plus, it comes with all kinds of fun little effects and other built in features.


Today, it finally showed up at the house.  These little units are brand new and just now being released.

So…I stayed up a bit late tonight and tried to figure out how to use it.

If you want, you can download a rough little demo of me playing a simple little riff in A minor with various overdubs.  Everything you hear was played by me on my acoustic guitar…through the R16.

Just a bit of fun!

Brief Update


Wow…haven’t had a lot of time for serious blogging or self-disclosure as things have been really busy here (funerals, weddings, ministry activities, and more).

Here’s a quick catch-up if anyone’s interested:


Surpised By Joy


A Facebook friend posted a video recently featuring the broadcast of a recent BBC radio show and the host’s reaction to a "Spirit-filled" church service as it was being broadcast over the television.

I found it quite intriguing to hear this person try to make sense of what he was witnessing.  What seems to have captured him most about the experience was the joy being expressed by those in attendance.  I love that!

I wrote about it briefly over at examiner.com and also posted the video for everyone to see.  Go check it out if you’d like!

Go See This Movie


I haven’t been to many movies this winter and spring…

That is, until the last month or so.

I’ve taken in:

Star Trek (great fun),

Wolverine (okay…),

Monsters and Aliens (alright…),

Night at the Museum 2 (mindless…),

and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (on DVD, interesting, but odd. Some powerful moments, but a goofy ending in my humble opinion.  Plus, doesn’t anyone get married anymore???).


Recently, I was given a $25.00 gift card for an area theater, so I took the family out to see an early matinee today.

I was absolutley and profoundly struck by the film I saw today.  The story was great, the character development exceptional, the laughs gleeful, and the message overwhelming. 

I had a huge emotional response to this movie, much more than I ever anticipated.

I completely believe it deserves the award for Best Picture.  I’m not kidding.


Go see Disney/Pixar’s UP.

I cannot give it a higher endorsement.

It is one of the best films I’ve ever seen.