Maxim #2: Nothing Worth Having Ever Comes Without A Fight


Value is almost always intrinsically linked to cost. Both the intangibles and tangibles that we hold dear tend to come at a high price. Often, there is some kind of significant struggle present as well. At the same time, what we often consider quick and easy is also typically cheap, ultimately unsatisfying, and relatively worthless.

For instance, last week I bought my lunch at a local convenience store. It consisted of two hot dogs and a bottled water and cost me less than two dollars. It filled me up in the moment, but certainly wasn’t anything to write home about. It tasted fine, but I wouldn’t want to eat it for many additional days during the same week. What did I appreciate about it? Not the nutritional content (which was certainly absent), but the price and the convenience. It saved me time. It saved me money. It left me wishing for something else.

In our culture, we are prone to follow the path of least resistance. We like things quick. We like things easy. We like things cheap. But I suspect there are greater values on which to set our sights.

Maxims That Matter


I recently decided to begin making a list of various life principles that I value, demonstrate, and/or want to embrace with greater fervency. These are thoughts and concepts that I have found myself believing, proclaiming and pursuing for quite a while. Some of them I have been saying for decades…others I’ve just recently begun to articulate. For now, I’ve decided to call these [i]”Maxims That Matter”[/i] until I think of something better. I’m still refining the list, but have written out twenty at this point. During this next season, I will probably blog about many of them to some degree.

What about you? Are there certain life principles that you have embraced? Certain maxims that you live by and proclaim to others?