Untitled Novel, Part 2


He thought he could feel the sunlight on his face before he ever awoke.
“George” Marta’s voice was soothing and gentle.
He struggled to open his eyes. How could the light be so bright already? He managed to peek through two tiny slits, and the light began to take on color. He rubbed them slowly with his hands, trying to wipe away the sleep and tried again. Color formed shape as he sat up in bed.
Marta poked her head in the bedroom. “Hey, sleepy! You gonna’ stay in bed all day?”
“What if I do?”
“Come on Mr. MacIntire, the day’s awaitin’. I’ve got the coffee on and breakfast is almost ready. You’ve got five minutes to get downstairs!” She walked back toward the kitchen as she spoke. The playful sound in her voice made him smile in spite of himself.

Untitled Novel, Part One


George was tired.

It wasn’t just the day, though he had certainly had a long one. The caffeine rush he had gotten from the large black coffee he had picked up at the convenience store on the corner had long since dissipated. Five days a week, sometimes six, he could usually be found diligently buying his morning supplement on his way to the office. He used to get the morning paper as well, but it seemed he never had time anymore to read it.

Dang The Peer Pressure


NaNoWriMo is an abbreviation for National Novel Writing Month. You can find the link online at http://www.nanowrimo.org. Apparently November is the month set aside for this task. The challenge: write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.

Most regulars here at LWC are well aware of this challenge as several have chosen to attempt the project. I really don’t have time for this. I don’t have an idea for a plot, and haven’t really given any thought to character development. So it would be crazy for me to get involved.

But sometimes I’m an idiot.

So I officially signed up. And tonight I just sat down and started typing.

No promises on completion, though!

[i]Also – With such a lack of planning, I’m pretty nervous that it’s all gonna be pretty much nonsense and I’m feeling a bit self-conscious, so…I’m back dating all the posts two years to keep them off of my “home-page” and hopefully off of the LWC main page. In fact, the only way you should end up reading this is if you happen to stumble into the category link on the right side of my blog. And for now, that’s quite alright with me.

Also, also – since the order of posts on this blog tends to be according to date, I’m fudging all the days of the month so that they stay in chronological order. Yeah, it’s confusing, I know! 😀

I wrote this on November 2, 2006.[/i]

[b]11/3/06 – 8:40 am UPDATE: Yeah, okay, well…I got up this morning after a short night’s rest and decided that the whole back dating thing was pointless, really. Then I checked back in at my sight and found that Clint pretty much thinks the same. So concerning the last couple of paragraphs above, I will attempt my best Gilda Ratner impression –