Podcast: "Transformed Character, Part Two" – March 1, 2009


Here is my message from Sunday, March 1, 2009.  I only got about half-way through the week before, so this is the continuation of that sermon.

Also – I have a friend who is now recording these messages live on his laptop.  For this recording, though, he forgot to plug in his computer and the battery gave out about half-way through.  However, he took our cassette recording and spliced it in at the appropriate spot.  At that point, you will notice a change in the quality of the recording, though it is still quite audible.  I really appreciate his efforts to make these recordings and the extra work it took to make this one whole again.  (Thanks, Ron!).

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Podcast: "Transformed Character" – Feb 22, 2009


This message is part of our Sunday morning series, Transforming Love, that we began back in January.

From February 22, 2009, this one is called "Tranformed Character."

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High speed connection recommended…plus a chunk of time.  This one is just over 58 minutes!

PODCAST: Redeeming The Time – A Halloween Sermon


[url=http://www.redeemingpassion.org/PastorBurt/RedeemingTheTime102206two.mp3]Click Here To Listen[/url]
This sermon was recorded on October 22, 2006. This transfer from tape to digital was a little problematic and there is a bit of tape “hiss” coming through. Yet, I think the message is still easily discernable.

Please note that this message is 57 minutes long.

The outline for this sermon has already been published. Click [url=http://pastorburt.lifewithchrist.org/permalink/27417.html]HERE[/url] to go to that post.

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Dial-up connections may experience delays (this file is around 50 MB).

Special thanks to Troy and Andrea for allowing me to store the master file on their site.

"Walk In Love" – New Music MP3!


Here’s a demo version of the song that I wrote this week. It’s just a quick take on guitar and vocals with a little percussion thrown in.

Click [url=www.redeemingpassion.org/PastorBurt/WalkInLove.mp3]HERE[/url] to listen.

I recorded it with my acoustic guitar, condensor mic and my multi-track recorder with built in effects unit.

Here are the final lyrics:

Verse 1:
This is the time for us to come together
To build each other up until we finally stand as one.
With one heart, one voice, one bond of love in the Spirit
Let’s lift our praises to the Son,
Let’s lift our praises to the Son.

Verse 2:
We are called to infiltrate the darkness
With the love of Jesus lighting our way.
So we lay down all of our walls and defenses
And open our hearts to the new day,
And open our hearts to the new day.

You are my God
And I will walk in your love…

Every brother I meet is important to Christ
I will treat him with respect no matter the price
Every sister is treasured by the Lord above
I will cherish her too and walk in love[/b]