Camp Craziness


Just got back from a week with a bunch of our teenagers at church camp.

Amidst the great services, recreation and etc., we did get caught up in a bit of silliness.

You can see us on youtube below…

Creed – The Literal Version


Okay…this is just for fun…but what fun it is.

There’s a trend on youtube to take a famous song/music video and redo it "literally."

Instead of singing the words to the song, they simply sing about what is happening in the video. 

The results can be hilarious…

And though I wouldn’t by any means recommend them all, here’s one of the best.   I ended up laughing pretty hard before it was all over.




Update:  get the t-shirt here.  Too funny!

New Star Trek


I must admit I am a long time Star Trek fan.  Trekkie?   Trekker?

The new film premiers tomorrow, but I don’t think I’ll have time to see it until at least the weekend.  I’m very much looking forward to it, however.

In the meantime, the recent review by The Onion is too good to pass up…see below!

Very First Christian Church


Does your town have a First Church of some sort?  What about a 2nd Church of __________?

How ’bout getting a leg up on the competition by becoming The Very First Christian Church?

If that’s your inclination, here’s a very clever video made by some folks I new back in college (and currently on Facebook!).


25 Random Things


I got tagged to do this over on Facebook…and thought I would reproduce it here. 

Below, in the rules, it says that you are supposed to tag 25 people to do the same.  I did that on Facebook, but will spare you…but if you want to do one, consider yourself tagged!

And since my Facebook imports this blog, readers there will get subjected twice…sorry ’bout that Facebookers!