I Want To Hear You



The world is more connected now than ever. Within seconds, we can read someone’s written thoughts and expressions right on our phones, even though they are continents away.  We see the words, we read the posts, but are we understanding? In our pursuit of free expression, are we paying attention to others?  I want to be a better communicator.  I want my communication to truly be a two-way street.  I want to hear what you have to say.

Communication isn’t as easy as we typically think it might or should be. Not real, meaningful communication.  It’s a skill, one that must be practiced over and over and over again. It takes time and effort. Thankfully, we can certainly grow in our communication skills; it gets easier when we invest in its development. As followers of Christ and ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, it is my humble opinion that we only do ourselves a favor when work hard to develop the ability to connect heart to heart.

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Deep Thoughts: The art of communication and the contemplation of meaning


Many, many years ago, “Deep Thoughts” with Jack Handy was a recurring series of sketches on Saturdahqdefaulty Night Live.  They featured scrolling words over a serene background that expressed what one expected to be some great insight or meaningful story. Typically, however, they featured some kind of ironic twist or ridiculous addition that rendered the entire moment ludicrous. They were often clever and hysterical, though occasionally inappropriate.  I once had a book that collected several of these stories and one-liners, but I can’t seem to find it now. The entries usually gave me a chuckle.

I like the idea of being a deep thinker.  I like the idea of artfully expressing deep thoughts.  My fear, however, is that I am really just a “Jack Handy,” expressing ridiculous notions in clever disguise and merely being ostentatious. Lord help me!   Continue reading

Get Right Back To Where We Started From


Lascrossofashest week was Ash Wednesday, the night that launches the liturgical season of Lent. It is a night to become reacquainted with a repentant heart as we enter into 40 days of reflection.  Looking back, we examine, think, pray, submit, course-correct, and sharpen. Our Ash Wednesday service got snowed out for the second year in a row.  This year, that equaled a one week postponement, and tonight was the night. Allow me to offer my reflection with a little help from the 1970’s music scene.  Continue reading



I like being right. I don’t like being wrong.  What is it about human nature that almost delights in being proven right over someone else?  Feeling like we’ve got special insider information (a corner on “truth?”) can be a secret, prideful obsession. It gets revealed when we find ourselves delighting in setting others straight (“Gotcha!”). Sometimes it disguises itself as deep concern for others and their spiritual health or understanding… when the truth is we are merely, and unfairly, judging them.     Continue reading

The message of the Church needs to be one of healing.


Woke up this morning thinking about an article I wrote in the local paper about eleven years ago. Here it is:

I remember the thrill of playground rides that I experienced as a child. My favorite was the giant slide. Though it was scary to climb the ladder to the top and peer over the edge, the joy of sliding down was worth it all. Today, however, our culture is sliding down a pathway that is devoid of any real joy and threatens the fabric of our civilized society. Consider, for instance, the recent debates and law changes regarding same-sex marriages.  Continue reading

Twenty Years of Computing….You’d think we’d communicate a little better by now…


Here’s a bit of history…followed by a confession.  I’m not complaining…just exploring my thoughts in writing.  Feel free to interact, challenge, disagree or extend the conversation.  Here goes…

I use a computer.  A lot.  For a lot of different reasons. In years past, it was mostly work related.  In the last decade, however, it has also become a tool for increased communication, introspection, and relational connections.    Continue reading

Yeshua or Jesus?


compositejesusOn Facebook, a friend recently made this declaration (excerpted from a slightly longer post): “the name yeshua is a false made up name–just to get people to forget the name of Jesus.. and it is to get people to return to judiasm…—–yeshua is not my king and saviour—Jesus is my king and saviour…. if you are a christian then listen to the Lord…..you shall not use the name of yeshua, —–but it is the name of Jesus that is above all Names—not only now but forevermore.

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